This differs from one company to the next, but there are some duties that are the same from one company to the next. In this post, we will answer the question, “What are the main security guard duties?” in more detail.

Securing the Premises

Securing your home or business is a vital security function. Security guards will do this by several means, depending on where they are deployed.

  • Patrolling Your Property: A good security system goes a long way to protecting you against unlawful intruders, but there is only so much that these systems can do. These systems can be beaten, and regular patrols by trained guards are the perfect backup. They can assess on the spot if something looks out of place.
  • Monitoring the Premises: A team can also be put in place to monitor security cameras and ensure that nothing looks amiss on the premises from the control room. These officers can then either go out and investigate, or call for additional help if the situation calls for it.
  • Controlling Access to the Property: They can also be put on gate or door duty to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to gain access to the property.
  • Building inspection: They can be put in place to inspect buildings after hours, ensuring that doors and access points are properly locked up and secured.
  • Detailed log management: It’s not always enough to just manage who is going in and out of the building. Sometimes you will need to maintain a clear record of access for further investigation later. A security officer can ensure that proper logs are kept.

Securing Personnel

Sometimes it is not so much the building that needs protecting as the personnel. A security guard can be hired to provide protection for high-value kidnapping targets, such as the CEO or CFO for example.

They can also assist where threats have been made against a company and its personnel in general, ensuring that personnel are able to work in a safe and secure environment.

Protecting Assets

It’s not always an overt threat such as kidnapping that might be problematic. Corporate espionage is something that can be very lucrative for those committing the crime and devastating for the company.

A highly trained security team will be able to assess potential threats and be able to guard against them.

If basic theft, like shoplifting, is an issue, a security team will be able to protect the company’s asset.

Damage Control

The primary function of security is to help prevent loss through reporting any irregularities that they come across. They will also be able to inform those who are in violation of laid-down procedures and policies exactly what they have done wrong.

They will, in need, be required to restrain wrong-doers until the authorities arrive.

In the event where an incident occurs, a security team could be integral in ensuring that the correct safety procedures are followed. They can assist with the evacuation of employees, for example, when a threat is detected.

After the fact, they will be able to further assist by taking witness statements, gathering more information and updating management as to how the investigation has been going.

Traffic Control

Security can be made responsible for the control of traffic – both in terms of motorized transport and for those people on foot. They can be used to direct the traffic to the correct location and ensure that safety procedures are consistently maintained.

They can also be used to cordon off specific areas and to ensure that everyone that everyone follows the rules, whether in a car or on foot.

Personal Security

When we think of security guards, we tend to think of them being employed in a business environment. They are often used for personal security or as bodyguards as well.

In these instances, their duties will be similar in that they will need to look for and neutralize threats, but these actions are done at a personal level. So instead of just sweeping the building and occasionally checking the premises, they would spend more time with the person they are protecting.

Personal security might be required to check out locations that the person they are protecting is visiting. They might be required to drive the person to and from the location. In this instance, the guard would need to have training in defensive driving and possibly also emergency first aid to assist where needed.

Event Security

If you are holding an event, like a concert or something similar, you want to ensure that those attending it are as safe as possible. Guards can be used to provide event security in general and control access to the event.

They might be called in if someone is behaving badly and remove that person for the safety of the others at the event.

Crowd Management

Another area that security comes in really handy is in controlling crowds. Say that you have a celebrity visiting your company, or you have staff outside on the picket line, security can help to manage the crowds and keep people at a safe distance.

Helping Out

A professional security guard, depending on what their assignment is, might need to be good with people. They can act as brand ambassadors for your company and help out the receptionist as necessary.

A good team will be able to assist clients with basic directions without allowing themselves to become too distracted to perform their function correctly.


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