Retail Security


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As the needs for asset control and retail security guard services continues to grow in the US, it is paramount that retail and brick & mortar property owners contracta loss prevention team with the necessary expertise to control theft and maintain positive asset control.

From loss prevention training and implementation to complete access control development and plan and program procurement, Fast Guard service can help your retail business be truly protected. Call us today for a free consultation on all of your commercial, industrial, retail and niche-based security protection services in Florida.

How Fast Guard Services Retail Loss Prevention Can Help You:

Shoplifting and in store theft are serious issues that can not only affect a store’s bottom line, but can eventually put a store or retail outlet out of business if it is not properly addressed. Busy stores, especially during busy seasons like Holidays, are often overwhelmed with business and flooded with customers. As employees try and keep up with overwhelming demand, many things can go unnoticed. One of the main areas where our trained guards shine is in providing retail loss prevention services. In store theft and shoplifting are serious issues that not only affect a retail establishment’s bottom line, but that may eventually result in a warehouse, or retail outlet going out of business if the issue isn’t addressed and handled.

With Fast Guard Service you don’t have to let thieves, shoplifters or anyone else destroy your store, cost you money during the busy season, or result in you having to close your doors. By hiring Fast Guard, you can prevent direct loss. The team can help protect your store while teaching your work staff how to ensure theft doesn’t affect the business. Fast Guard can provide help with all the following to prevent trade loss:

  • Loss prevention training for employees
  • Investigation into in-store theft and shoplifting
  • Apprehension of suspected shoplifters
  • Follow-up
  • Prevention of retail loss
  • Response to retail loss
  • Resolution for retail loss



Retail Loss Prevention


Don’t let shoplifters, thieves, or ANYONE destroy your store, ruin your busy season or suck the profits out of the holidays. Prevent retail loss today by hiring an experienced security firm that has expertise in retail loss prevention. They can help protect and can help teach your workforce to protect the valuable merchandise that is the lifeblood of your business. A security firm that has expertise in retail loss prevention can help with:

  • Training
  • Investigation
  • Apprehension
  • Follow-up
  • Prevention
  • Response
  • Resolution

Hospital Security

Sadly even establishments like schools, libraries and hospitals are not even safe anymore. There have been a number of staggering statistics that have led to a massive surge of armed security guards being hired to protect and patrol hospitals. It is a sad day and age when the sick and wounded must be protected from violence, and often violence in hospitals is perpetrated against employees and not patients, but that is where we are in society today.


Construction Site Security

24/7 construction security is imperative to any construction project, especially large ones. You have equipment out that can be stolen or damaged. What about expensive materials that you can’t possibly take back to the warehouse every day? There is the threat of property damage from ignorant people, plus the threat of weather damage or acts of God. Construction sites are vulnerable

That is why construction security is so important. On site construction security, especially around the clock security when no one is working and the project is most vulnerable can prevent a catastrophe from happening, or at least limit the damage if something goes wrong.

There are many reasons to have on site security around the clock at an ongoing construction site, but here are the top reasons:

  • Property protection
  • Materials protection
  • Equipment and tools protection
  • Emergency response
  • Trespassing prevention
  • Limit weather damage
  • Prevent or limit damage from accidents
  • Visibility to avert potential criminal activity
  • Protect construction progress
  • Identify and address potential hazards
  • Prevent vandalism


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  • 24/7 Dispatch
  • Emergency Dispatch


We are committed to your safety and trust.

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