Incident Management

#1 Incident Management Services

Fast Guard Service offers the most comprehensive security solution in the USA.
For over 10 years, Fast Guard Service has responded to over 1 million calls for services, many of those calls being natural disasters that require emergency response in remote locations. Since 2013, we have played an active role in every natural disaster recovery effort in the nation, from the multiple fires in Arizona, California, Washington, and Tennessee. To the multiple hurricanes that hit Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, we have been there. We also provided Fire watch and other Security guard services during the winter storms that struck central and eastern United States; the freeze caused pipes to burst, and multiple properties were in danger of fire because there was no water available. We have seen a large amount of work in the emergency sector, large enough to say that we are experts in the field. Call now; emergency deployment is available 24/7 844-254-8273.

Disaster Response

Response time: We have rapid deployment teams that can be onsite within 4 hours or less to disaster-stricken areas and establish effective security protocols within a short timeframe.

Technology and Tools: Fast Guard uses its proprietary software to manage the disaster support effort; the Fast Guard App keeps schedules and location of guards in real-time, making scheduling and aerial maps immediately available to clients so that they are able to visually map their operation. Drone Surveillance is available by request They offer advantages such as real-time visual data collection, long range of operation, and the ability to reach remote locations.

Single Point of Contact:  Our system is comprised of multiple moving parts such as described above; the only thing that does not move is your point of contact with Fast Guard Service. We understand that during critical times that simple task become complicated, We want to assist your agency in the best way possible by eliminating redundancy; the client sets rules and makes changes only with the assigned point of contact.

Emergency Coordination: Our professional staff can coordinate everything for your site, from mobile shower trailers to washer and dryer units. We are a one-stop supplier for all things needed at a natural disaster site.

Experience and Expertise: Fast Guard Service has provided disaster assistance to a wide range of incidents, including fires, hurricanes, floods, mudslides, mass vaccination sites, and search and rescue operations.

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