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Fast Guard Service’s fire watch guards division is a nationwide 24 hour fire watch company providing fire watch services to businesses and contruction sites needing fire watch security to avoid fines and business shutdown by the fire marshall. Our licensed fire watch guards are specially trained and experienced in providing emergency fire watch to businesses that are in the process of installing a fire protection system or are having problems with their current fire alarm system. Our security guards fire watch are able to respond immediately to a request for an emergency fire watch officer and can deploy our fire security team with minimal notice. Our 24 hour fire watch guards remain on site until your fire detection systems and sprinklers are fully operational, and have been inspected and approved by the Fire Marshall.

Fast Guard Service has been providing fire watch services to business owners throughout the US for many years. We have trained fire watch security gaurds available to conduct fire watch services across the country.

Fast Guard Service offers the best fire watch guards and national security guard fire watch services that can be found in the US. The fire watch security officers on staff at FGS are trained for quick identification, quick response, fire detection, log maintenance, mobile patrols and fire prevention. We are constantly training and updating our tactics and leveraging the latest and safest techniques that can be found in the industry.

We have multiple offices nationwide and we can provide you a skilled guard in under four hours. Our Emergency Fire Watch Guards can be deployed 24/7 or as needed.

Whatever your need, whatever type of property you possess or manage, and whatever type of fire detection or fire watch program you need, Fast Guard Services can help. Contact Fast Guard services today for a free consultation. Our alarm monitoring, fire detection and fire security solutions are effective, affordable and comprehensive.


What Exactly is a Fire Watch Guard?

In short, a Fire Watch Guard is a provisional arrangement in which a person or patrol physically checks buildings and/or other property for extreme fire hazard situations. Fire Watches are normally conducted when the probabilities of a fire-related incident are high. For example, anytime that ‘hot work’ construction processes are taking place on-site (common ‘hot work’ processes are welding, soldering, flame-cutting, riveting and brazing). Another typical ‘high-probability’ example would be in the case of malfunctioning alarm and/or sprinkler systems.

What do Fire Watch Teams Do?

The duties of Fire Watch personnel may vary between jobs and location sites, but there are basic tasks that come with each position. In the course of their duties, Fire Watch personnel, (who are familiarized with the layout), will check all exits and fire extinguishers. They will have on their person, the materials necessary to execute a fast evacuation and to notify any other occupants in the event of a fire. In most cases, Fire Watch personnel would also carry a portable horn, a flashlight, a full all-access set of keys to the premises, writing materials and a copy of their specific duties.

When are Fire Watches Conducted?

Whether in 15-minute increments or on the hour, Fire Watch rounds are conducted on a regular basis and a log is kept recording each round. Accepted entries include the address of the facility, start and end times for the round, names of the Fire Watch personnel and entries for any communication that occurred between Fire Watch personnel and either the fire department or the Department of Public Safety. Fire Watch personnel should also wear (at all times) a clearly visible form of identification (such as a vest or hat). In many cases, Fire Watch personnel may work in concert with municipal or volunteer fire departments.

What Fire Watch Teams Don’t Do

The marching orders for a given Fire Watch team may vary from site to site (and from state to state) but most Fire Watch personnel are given clear instruction not to extinguish a fire unless it is clearly safe for them to do so, (or unless they have been expressly instructed or given permission to do so). In general, Fire Watch personnel should not attempt any tasks that could not be completed safely by the average citizen.

So Does My Business Need Fire Watch Service or Not?

Now that you know what Fire Watch Services are, (whether you are a commercial real estate owner, a property manager or any other type of potential customer), if you’re still asking yourself whether or not you need Fire Watch Services, chances are you probably do.
As we have said, Fire Watch Services are typically needed when a building either has a fire alarm that is down or a sprinkler system that is malfunctioning. We talked a little about ‘hot work’ as well, but other reasons might include a burglar alarm or an access control system that is malfunctioning, or in response to power outages related to a natural disaster. If you are still unsure whether or not you actually need Fire Watch Services, you can contact your local fire marshal. Give them a brief description of your scenario and ask if you should schedule a Fire Watch.


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