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We understand it may be tough to even know what is needed to guard your business infrastructure, whether its physical guards at a location or IT & CCTV guidance our consulting meetings are here for you to hit the ground running with the help & experience of Fast Guard along the way. A one on one consultation will help me understand your exact professional or private needs and will allow me to assess your current situation when it comes to your security.

Together we’ll be able to understand the best approach we should take. After the consultation, assuming that your need for a security solution is justifiable, I’ll endorse the strategic plan to the most professional and highly trained security specialist in my company, and I’ll see that you’ll get the most secure, flawless service that Fast Guard Solutions is so well-known for.

Please see below our most sought after security services. Our security services are the best in the country, and by working with Fast Guard Solutions rest assured that you’ll be able to perform at your best, whether at work or home, because we’ve got your six.

The Nation’s Premier Security Services Company

When it comes to the security of any commercial entity, expertise is the most crucial aspect. Fast Guard Service is the #1 security services provider nationwide, with elite staff offering exceptional knowledge within each nuance of the profession. Fully bonded, insured, and employing only proven authorities in their niche, Fast Guard guarantees outstanding security solutions, whatever the industry needs.

Commercial Security

The security of business premises in the 21st century necessitates a highly knowledgeable approach. With the requirements to fully secure a property becoming ever-more complex, it’s crucial to ensure iron-clad 24/7 protection for true peace of mind. Fast Guard’s exceptional reach makes them the go-to provider for the smallest of ventures through to multi-billion dollar corporate operations.



employee termination security services

Employee Termination

The contract termination of a high-risk employee necessitates an expert approach. Fast Guard’s highly skilled service guarantees a strategic exit plan that ensures the safety of employers, business premises, and other employees, as well as that of any necessary sensitive information and/or data. Our service includes a risk assessment and the provision of the correct level of security services, up to and including armed guards at the point of termination and necessary escorting from the property.


retail loss prevention security services

Retail Loss Prevention 

Retail and B&M environments are a prime target for vandals, shoplifters, and other forms of theft. Individual locations require specialized preventative strategies to maintain asset control. Fast Guard’s expert security service analyses and puts in place the ultimate in preventative scenarios, providing lock-tight security of precious material goods and property.




hospital security services

Hospital Security

With a high, often unrestricted foot-fall, multiple access and egress points, and large amounts of prescription medication on-site, it’s essential for hospitals to take advantage of specialized security solutions. Fast Guard’s accomplished hospital security service ensures every aspect of such locations are fully assessed and the ultimate in safety measures and back up put into action.




hotel security services

Hotel Security

The provision of hotel security is another high-risk area, with continual traffic throughout much of the location. Fast Guard’s risk assessment ensures strategic security positioning, enabling guards to provide a visible and behind-the-scenes security service to ensure the safety of everyone within the hotel building or complex.




Medical Marijuana Dispensary Security Services

Dispensary Security

With the use of medical cannabis and products such as CBD and hemp becoming increasingly available, the provision of security in facilities that manufacture and dispense such products becomes more well-known and thus more vulnerable. Our dispensary security services provide a critical overview of risk exposure and the provision of staunch security procedures to ensure the ultimate in stock and facility safety.




Access Control Security ServicesAccess Control Systems

Access control allows any location to monitor and control those who enter and leave, as well as prevent those without authority gaining access. Such systems range from a simple keypad or card access through to the ultimate in video monitoring, face recognition, and even retinal scans. Whatever your business requirements, Fast Guard provides exceptional advice and the provision of the most efficient approach.


Construction site security services

Construction Site Security

Construction sites are a high-risk location, with security necessary to not only safeguard provisions such as material, machinery, and tools, but also the construction itself and that of those who work there. Round-the-clock, on-site security is an essential requirement for the safeguarding of assets and loss prevention—a vital occurrence for the timely completion of a project.




Yacht security services

Maritime & Yacht Security

Whether at sea or dock, maritime and yacht security is a critical component to ensure the safety of vessels, crew, and associated personnel. Fast Guard provides solutions that cover the many issues associated with this genre of security, including monitoring and crew verification, access control, marina security, user safety, vandalism, and loss prevention.




Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security

The ever-evolving world of cyber-crime makes an expert security service vital for any commercial entity. This is an area that requires a dynamic approach towards the security of precious data, networks, and infrastructures. When it comes to this intricate field, Fast Guard’s experts are second to none in the industry, providing robust, fluid, current solutions to guard against attacks of the highest level.




Temporary security guard services

Temporary Security Guards

There are multiple reasons for commercial premises to require temporary security guards. Fast Guard guarantees to have professional guards to any premises throughout the nation within a 4-hour time scale.








Whatever the commercial security requirements, Fast Guard provides a comprehensive, nationwide security service committed to providing the solutions necessary to ensure the safety of valuable assets, personnel, data, and more. As the nation’s leading security services provider, customers are guaranteed a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous service that can cater for security provisions that range from a single guard to the most complex of challenges.

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