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Cyber Security

The threat of cyber crime and its continuing rapid evolution is one of the major threats facing businesses and individuals today. The provision of a safe digital frontier requires a dynamic specialist defense approach to maintain both company and customer confidence in a continuing safe digital presence.

To this end, it’s imperative to engage a sophisticated and evolving barrier against all aspects of cyber transgression that can only be delivered by cutting-edge cyber security expertise. Fast Guard’s Cyber Security Management Service ensures the very latest in identification, classification, and response to online threats, as well as the construction of the ultimate in robust online security measures

The Threat of Cyber Security

Cyber attacks happen around the clock, meaning that a network needs to be monitored 24/7. Security breaches range from common assaults, such as phishing or social engineering, through to the lesser-seen but hugely destructive occurrences of advanced malware or a zero-day exploit that requires the latest state-of-the-art knowledge to prevent extensive damage.

Taking advantage of a dedicated team of cyber security professionals provides a dynamic and resilient firewall to defend against the latest techniques and tactics employed by the increasing threat of cyber criminals.

Major Types of Threats:

  • DoS & DDoS attacks
  • Man in the Middle attacks
  • Drive-by attacks
  • Phishing and Spear Phishing attacks
  • Password attack
  • SQL Injection attack
  • Cross-Site Scripting attack

How Fast Guard Cyber Security Management Services Can Help You

Fast Guard’s fully managed cyber security service addresses all aspects of online security. Their experts carry out a full overview of all digital vulnerabilities, put in place a proactive security architecture, provide round the clock monitoring for threat identification and elimination, and provide training in security awareness.

Our exclusive facility allows a business to take advantage of an elite team of cybersecurity specialists. An impartial validation of the controls and processes uncovers weaknesses and vulnerabilities that will strengthen all aspects of IT infrastructure. Outsourcing ensures access to the expertise of dedicated cyber security professionals in the most cost-effective manner, negating the expense, aggravation, and on-going training of hiring in-house staff. We also provide the latest advice to ensure compliance with regulations and the highest industry standards of cyber security.

Fast Guard Cyber Security Services include:

  • Critical infrastructure security
  • Application security
  • Network security
  • Cloud security
  • Internet of things (IoT) security.


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