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Armed security guards are highly trained individuals working in a role of immense responsibility. Many are current or ex-military/law enforcement officers, and all have undergone the necessary training and registration that allows them to carry a firearm in the course of their security duties.

What Are Security Guard Duties and Responsibilities 

  •     Security Guard Training
  •     Armed Security Guard
  •     Unarmed Security Guard

Security Guard Training

Whether armed or unarmed, all private security guards undergo extensive training. While this will, of course, include varying degrees of combat tutelage, the hallmark of the best unarmed and armed security guards is the ability to recognize and diffuse any potentially volatile situation. Such proficiency is crucial, preventing the escalation of an incident before it occurs.

Further training includes risk assessment, something especially vital when it comes to the field of armed executive or close protection. Strategic analysis of real, potential, and possible risks, with multiple action plans for any eventuality, are crucial skills of the armed close protection agent.

The number of private armed security guards is on the increase, and is a common sight in many public areas. These include places such as banks, schools, and churches. 

Every state has slightly differing license and certification requirements surrounding the regulation of armed security guards. When carrying out their duties there’s always the potential of having to discharge their weapon, therefore each individual must have the expertise to store, care for, and correctly utilize the firearm should the situation arise. Such a responsibility naturally warrants extensive and ongoing training.

Armed Security Guard

The duties of the armed security guard will differ somewhat, depending on the particular role in which they’re employed. For instance, the daily routine of those who work in a school environment will be significantly distinct from those who work as armed executive protection officers. However, the underlying responsibilities and obligations remain the same. 

These include:

      The protection of property and/or persons

      To prevent criminal acts from taking place—such as theft, vandalism, hostility, violence, attacks, etc.

      Recognize and diffuse potential criminal and/or violent situations

      React with force (lethal if necessary) should the situation warrant

While armed security guards do, of course, have a right to draw and discharge their weapons, this will always be the very last course of action.

Such a position of responsibility calls for very particular personal skills that are further enhanced by training specific to that of the security guard. These include, but certainly aren’t restricted to,

      Situational awareness

      The ability to recognize body language and behaviors that might be cause for concern

      Exceptional communication skills

      An impeccable attitude regarding confidentiality


Unarmed Security Guard

To work as a commercial armed security guard the individual must have first completed all the requirements to work in an unarmed capacity. As well as various elements of training, each will be required to undergo specific background checks to confirm their right to work in the USA and the absence of any serious criminal convictions.

Tips For Hiring an Armed Security Guard

  •       Armed Security Guard License
  •       Armed Security Guard Insurance
  •       Experience and Background Checks
  •       Armed Security Guard Companies


Armed Security Guard License 

All armed security guards are licensed and carry the relevant paperwork to prove this. Although each state has slightly different requirements, their registration card will only be granted once specific qualifications and courses have been successfully undertaken.

There is also a requirement for yearly updates, training, and refreshers for an individual to maintain their status as armed security guard. This makes it vital to check the dates on each individual’s registration card to ensure that it’s still valid.


Armed Security Guard Insurance 

Specialized insurance is vital for anyone working as an armed security guard. Carrying weapons, either lethal or non-lethal, brings about a heightened risk of injury and accidents, and therefore liability insurance should be of the highest level. This should cover medical expenses, general liability insurance, and that which is specific to carrying arms. In addition, the insurance should also cover any associated costs, including those which might arise from false arrest, libel, slander, etc.

Experience and Background Checks

Ask about the experience of any armed security guard you’re planning on hiring. Depending on the role they’re being tasked to perform, you may be more comfortable knowing that they have an extensive background in such work. Ex-military and law enforcement professionals often move seamlessly into the role of armed security guards, and such a background provides peace of mind for those who employ them.

Background checks on each individual are also vital, and should always be confirmed before employing the services of armed security guards.


Armed Security Guard Companies

By far the most efficient method of hiring an armed guard is through a specialist company. Reputable armed security guard companies will ensure that all their employees are appropriately registered, and trained (including ongoing training), and will have carried out the necessary in-depth background checks to confirm their suitability for the role.


When choosing a company to supply your need for armed security guards, be sure to carry out due diligence as to the suitability, experience, and quality of the personnel they employ. Question their recruiting methods, staff loyalty and retention, training procedures, security checks, uniform policies, and range of services. If your requirements are for the highest levels of armed executive/close protection, then utilizing a firm that’s more targeted towards patrolling armed security guards probably won’t suffice.

The selection of the right commercial armed security guard service for your needs should be based on a combination of the following:

      Their expertise and reputation

      Relevant (and genuine) reviews and testimonials from past and current clients

      Their ability to accommodate your particular demands and requests

      In-depth research to satisfy yourself that their armed security personnel is of the highest caliber


Fast Guard Service: The #1 Provider of Commercial and Private Armed Security Guards

Global provider, Fast Guard Service, is trusted by some of the leading companies around the world to service their security needs. From armed guards protecting secure facilities to strategic armed executive protection for visiting VIPS, Fast Guard provides the ultimate service for the provision of armed guards with the highest levels of training and experience.

Whether you’re looking for a single-armed security guard or a 24/7/365 team to ensure the safety of a property or person/s of paramount importance, Fast Guard’s expertise is the #1 solution, both within the USA and any location around the world.


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