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When you’re pouring extended hours and effort into the success of a small business, security safety might be something that’s overlooked. For single-person operations, family-run companies, or those who only employ a handful of staff, ensuring robust security is something that often slips down the order of priorities. 

This, however, is a huge mistake—one that, sadly, will only come to light following an event—either a break-in, data security breach, or other criminal act. For small businesses, such happenings can have disastrous effects.

What to Consider for Small Business Security Monitoring

  •     Cameras, alarms, and installations
  •     24/7 monitoring
  •     Digital small business security monitoring

Cameras. Alarms, and installations

Many small businesses are home affairs, while others lease small locations from where they conduct their trade. Whether you work from domestic premises or elsewhere, your business has various hardware that is attractive to thieves. Office equipment, computers, and the data they hold are very valuable, not to mention the man-hours and catastrophic damage to customer trust if they fell into the wrong hands.

Other items, such as tools of the trade, stock, inventory, and other items, represent significant value. Protecting these physical attributes is best-served with a robust camera and alarm system. 

Quality alarms and CCTV can be tailored to suit all circumstances. Footage and live feeds can be observed from a remote location via a smartphone, computer, or mobile device, or the ultimate protection is through the services of a professional security monitoring provider.

24/7 monitoring

One of the biggest advantages of 24/7/365 professional monitoring is that it’s a huge deterrent to would-be wrongdoers. Equally important is that if an incident does occur then it will be immediately dealt with, whatever the time of day and night.

In addition, the CCTV recording can be used to help identify perpetrators and track any items that are stolen.

Digital small business security monitoring

A company’s digital data is also a valuable commodity, and therefore needs the same high level of protection. Small business owners should take steps to secure their IT network and monitor it for threats and attempted breaches. This can be carried out in a variety of ways, including:

  •     Manually recording and logging all digital activity
  •     Using cloud security monitoring tools
  •     Outsourcing to a professional data security service

DIY Small Business Security Monitoring vs. a Professional Service

  •     Small business security monitoring: the DIY risks
  •     The real costs of security system failures

Small business security monitoring: the DIY risks

Cost is one of the overriding factors when it comes to best securing small business physical and digital assets. There are many DIY alarm, camera, and monitoring options on the market. However, this route should be considered with a healthy dose of caution.

  •     Installation of a DIY security system can be complex. The right cameras, where to locate them, correct sensor alignment, appropriate coverage (doors, windows, access and egress points, etc.), non-tamper wiring, and on-going checks and repairs can all present stumbling points when it comes to DIY installations.
  •     24/7 monitoring: While real-time alerts can be sent to your smart device, are you really going to notice these at any time? A break-in during the early hours might realistically go unnoticed for hours, negating the chances of stopping a break-in in process or even catching those responsible.
  •     Support and maintenance: Should there be a problem with the system then you’re responsible for sorting it out. This means dealing with variable customer services, depending on the provider of the system, and the chance that your security system could be offline for an extended period. Conversely, professional installations and monitoring services are responsible for ensuring the reliability of the security system for as long as you employ them to do so.

The real costs of security system failures

Failures in a system can have far-reaching effects. DIY options often lack the monitoring, support, design, and abilities that a professional service provides. While such services might seem expensive at first, it’s only when things go wrong with a DIY system that the true costs become apparent. Sadly, these often spiral out of control and can even spell the demise of a small business.

Talk to Fast Guard Service for all your Small Business Security Monitoring Needs

Extensive security monitoring can be a challenge for small businesses. However, the most cost-effective and efficient method is through a professional service. These range from the simple installation of quality security features through to full-on monitoring for total peace of mind No-one is better accomplished at providing this than globally renowned experts, Fast Guard Service.

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