Fast Guard

Today’s businesses need to face the dark reality that terrorism is just another one of the threats they may face when it comes to crime. Commercial building security has become as much a part of today’s “must have’s” for any enterprise as the latest technology and an engaged workforce. Most business owners and landlords will already be familiar with commercial security in the sense of understanding the benefits of having a battery of security and even video surveillance equipment properly positioned. However, the new threats arising from both international and domestic terrorists are changing the way commercial security services are approaching the new issues. The modern commercial security service suggests today’s businesses that feel they might be at risk  take a more holistic approach that goes beyond the wired and/or wireless alarm systems considered the norm to look at some bigger anti-terror measures. For example, many security companies suggest upgrading the quality of the closed circuit cameras being used to color from black and white if the change hasn’t already been made. Proper lighting in outdoor spaces is another advantage businesses need to have so any captured images are clear. Color Images It’s not enough to have cameras that record color images and the proper lighting either.  Industry leading commercial security companies also suggest any and all of the cameras you have in place run continuously and all the footage be kept for up to one month. Although it doesn’t just concern itself with the outside of the building, commercial security takes some time to point out the best anti-terror methods that work well on the grounds. For example, well thought out and executed building security system will incorporate checkpoints that are located well away from the structure that can check incoming vehicles for explosives and weapons. These security checkpoints should be placed strategically so there’s no way for cars or other vehicles to get around them and either park in the lot or drive right into the building itself. There are other measures a commercial security service will suggest that can prevent a building from being rammed by a vehicle. Leaving enough open space around the perimeter of any structure will let the people inside notice suspicious activity and natural barriers like hedges can prevent terrorists from having a direct line to the structure. External Walls Reinforced concrete should be used for external walls, so that main support columns are not exposed to the possibility of an attack. Strengthening support columns so they can redistribute loads is another one of the structural elements that can make a big difference if an attack gets through. Commercial security services leave no stone unturned and they even deal with the kinds of glass and doors businesses need. Bullet-proof glass or a product that has been laminated is suggested and the doors need to be reinforced with special features that resist forced entry. Commercial building security can even start before the structure goes up but constructing a building of blast proof materials can drive the overall cost up by as much as 20 percent.