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Owners of luxury yachts hire the services of a range of staff to service their needs. Superyacht ownership is on the increase and with it the penchant for travel to more exotic locations. With those on board being of high net worth, the need for security isn’t simply a consideration, it’s a crucial necessity to ensure the safety of all concerned. 

The following discusses why luxury yacht security personnel are one of the most vital members of staff on the payroll.

Luxury Yacht Security: Threat Prevention

  •     Paparazzi
  •     Cyberthreats
  •     Piracy


The paparazzi are becoming ever-more inventive, employing the latest technologically advanced methods to gain a scoop on the famous and wealthy. The provision of a high-grade security team can put effective methods in place to drastically reduce this risk, so allowing their employers the ability to enjoy their vessel without fear of unwanted interruption. 

Security professionals employ a myriad of methods to counter this risk, including that of physical presence and the use of various tech to prevent long-range intrusion and the risk of photos and information ending up in the public domain.


Cyberthreat is one of, if not the, biggest threat to superyachts. The theft of information can be used by criminals to build up profiles upon which they determine a strategic attack. Such information gathering can take place over months or even years, putting the perpetrators in a powerful position when it comes to launching an assault on those of very high net worth.

Extortion is another high risk. This, along with ransom-ware, is one of the largest causes of cyber-related events. 


The high seas represent some of the most dangerous regions in the world. Despite the beauty and solitude on offer, these unpoliced areas necessitate private security to ensure the safety of all on board. Luxury yacht security provides a military-style defense to combat the dangers.

Services Provided by Luxury Yacht Security

  •     Physical security services
  •     Intelligence
  •     Crew services

Physical security services

An on-board security presence goes far beyond that of the simple provision of bodyguards. Strategically trained security personnel work as close protection officers—in other words, their role is risk mitigation—carrying out a plethora of behind the scenes duties to prevent security breaches occurring in the first place.

From security detail to staff safety training, employing a quality protection team builds a long-term relationship that allows luxury yacht owners and their guests the peace of mind that their well-being is in good hands.


By far the most important aspect of luxury yacht security is that of intelligence gathering. This would include the provision of travel advice to high-risk areas, the use of military-grade tools, such as long-range acoustic anti-piracy devices and underwater sonar detection, and relevant off-vessel detail as well.

Crew services

With the threat to high-value individuals extending to that of their family, friends, and even staff, luxury yacht security can also provide crew training. Examples of this could include emergency scenario situations or teaching defensive driving techniques to those who might be responsible for the children’s land-based activities.

Other crew services include background checks on all personnel and the monitoring of any unwanted social media interactions that could put the yacht and occupants at risk.

Contact Fast Guard Security for Luxury Yacht and Other Personal Security 

Luxury yacht security is highly specialized, and imperative that it’s only entrusted to the highest caliber of provider. Conflict avoidance is key, making the hire of security to best serve your circumstances a carefully considered choice. Global security company, Fast Guard Service, provide the ultimate in such high-end security and provides a tailored service for the ultimate cover. 

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