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Maritime operations face an ever-growing assortment of security and safety concerns. It can be nerve-wracking to get a call, that your boat or yacht has been vandalized or is the subject of an arsonist. Private Yacht owners and crews face increased threats from pirates and vandals, including many popular ports in the Caribbean, off the coast of Florida, the Mediterranean, Mexico, South Pacific, Singapore, Maldives, Africa, Gulf of Suez, Oman, Aden or the Arabic Sea. Our maritime & yacht security services help you to feel secure while away.

Modern day criminal piracy attacks and vandalism can include:

  • Arson
  • Kidnapping
  • Drug Smuggling
  • Hijacked Delivery Vehicle
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Diver Attacks
  • Vandalism
  • In-port Crime
  • Surveillance

At Fast Guard Service, we provide an array of customized maritime & yacht security solutions for several issues, including monitoring and crew verification, access control, safety, marina security, vandalism and loss prevention. Our goal is to help keep your yacht protected 24 hours a day.

How Fast Guard Can Help You

We understand that the need for maritime security is increasing throughout the nation, especially in coastal areas. In many cases, the only option is to contact a private yacht security company with the proper experience and expertise to protect the marina.

From complete access control development to 24hr monitoring, Fast Guard can provide the services and security your business needs. While we serve any commercial property in need, our commercial security guards also specialize in niche protection, including security for building front lobbies, construction site security, nightclub security consulting, front gate security, local security and more.

Why Marina’s Need Fast Guard

The threat to your livelihood is greater today than it has ever been in the past. Regardless of if you run a marina or a yacht, the potential for loss and theft is real. Fast Guard Service can help. The team offers some features and benefits that other maritime security companies just can’t compete.

For example, Fast Guard has an excellent reputation. They have many long-term clients that continue renewing their security contracts year after year thanks to the superior services provided. The company is well-respected and actively growing into new locations across the nation.

The team also regularly invests in new training with modern equipment to ensure they have the latest tools of the trade at their fingertips. When you retain these services for the protection of your yacht, you can feel confident you are getting service from guards that have the equipment, skills, and know-how to handle the job and provide results that exceed your expectations.

Benefits of Professional Maritime & Yacht Security Services

When you hire a professional maritime security team, it provides peace of mind for both crew members and staff. It also shows that you are concerned about everyone’s safety and well-being. With the services of Fast Guard on-site, you can feel confident that the environment for your crew is as stress-free as possible since there is one less thing they have to think about while on the job.

Additional benefits offered by professional security services include:

  • Understanding that someone is there for the well-being of the captain and crew.
  • Someone who is constantly on the lookout for any signs of suspicious behavior or activity.
  • Ability to customize the level of safety present based on the needs of the particular maritime operation.
  • Discreet services that still provide actual and perceived protection for the firm.

Fast Guard Maritime Security is a company that is licensed and insured. The security staff regularly participates in new training seminars to ensure they are ready to handle any potential issue that may arise while out to sea.

If you are ready to safeguard your marina, yacht and or boat, then contact Fast Guard today. The professional security team can customize the services offered based on the level of protection and security you require. No longer do you have to worry about loss, access control, and other security-related matters.

Additional Maritime Security Services We Offer

If you contact our maritime security service for your marina or yacht security needs, some of the services we provide include:

  • CCTV Installations
  • Access Control and Security
  • Armed and Unarmed Options
  • Remote Monitoring of Shipyard


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