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Hello there! After retiring as a police officer and spending over a decade managing extensive security operations at Allied Universal, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a security guard company stand out. Whether you’re managing a bustling downtown hotel or a serene condo association, picking the right security service is crucial to maintaining safety and order. Let me walk you through some key factors you should consider to ensure you’re making the best choice for your property.

Understanding Your Security Needs

Assessing Risks

Before you even start looking for “security guard companies near me,” it’s vital to understand the specific risks associated with your property. Are you in a high-crime area? Do you manage a large complex with multiple entry points? Each scenario will require a different level of protection, from armed security guards to sophisticated surveillance systems.

Defining Security Goals

What are you hoping to achieve with your security team? Is it to deter crime, provide front desk security, or manage access control? Setting these goals will help you communicate your needs more effectively to potential security providers.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Security Guard Company

Reputation and Experience

A company’s reputation in the security industry speaks volumes. Look for firms known for their professionalism and reliability. Experience in specific fields, such as hotel security or apartment security, is a huge plus. I remember working with a team that had a deep understanding of hotel operations, which made integration of their services seamless and effective.

Licensing and Certifications

Make sure any security guard company you consider is fully licensed and compliant with your state’s regulations. This ensures they meet basic legal requirements for security work. Additionally, check if their staff hold any special certifications, especially if you’re looking for specialized services like fire watch or armed protection.

Training and Staffing

The quality of training a security company provides its staff is critical. Ask about their training programs—do they include emergency response, customer service, and specific scenario training? Also, understand their hiring process. A well-vetted security officer with a clean background and solid training can make a significant difference in the quality of service.

Technology and Resources

In today’s security landscape, the use of advanced technology is a must. Does the company utilize the latest surveillance cameras and access control technologies? During my time at Allied, integrating cutting-edge technology significantly enhanced our ability to monitor and respond to incidents.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Nothing tells you more about a company than what its clients have to say. Look for reviews or ask for testimonials from other properties they manage, particularly those similar to your own. This insight can help you gauge how well the company will meet your expectations.

Evaluating Proposals and Contracts

Understanding the Fine Print

When reviewing proposals from security guard companies, pay close attention to the details. What are the terms of service? What costs are involved? Are there any clauses about service level adjustments? Make sure you understand every part of the contract to avoid surprises down the line.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Clear SLAs are essential. They define the expected performance and response times of the security guard company. Ensure these SLAs match your property’s needs and that there are accountability measures in place.

Building a Partnership

Collaborative Approach

The best security outcomes come from a partnership approach. Look for a security company that treats its service as a collaborative effort. This means regular meetings, updates, and the flexibility to adapt services as your needs evolve.

Ongoing Support and Communication

A good security company doesn’t just set up services and walk away. They should offer ongoing support and maintain open lines of communication. This is crucial for handling any issues that arise and for making continuous improvements to your security strategy.

Making the Final Decision

Comparing Options

Once you have all the information, compare your options. Look at each company’s strengths and how they align with your needs. Sometimes, it’s worth paying a bit more for a company that offers comprehensive services and a stellar track record.

Visiting Other Sites

If possible, visit other properties serviced by the company. Seeing their guards in action can give you a real sense of how they operate and interact with clients and guests.


Choosing the right security guard company is no small task—it requires thorough research and careful consideration. By focusing on these key factors, you can ensure that you select a company that not only meets your security needs but also adds value to your property management efforts.

Remember, the goal is not just to hire a security service but to form a partnership that will enhance the safety and well-being of your property for years to come. Happy hunting!

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