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Contrary to popular belief, bodyguards are no longer the sole domain of celebs, the uber-rich, and winners of American Idol. In fact, it might come as quite a surprise as to the sheer variety of folk who take advantage of such personal security.

The increase of such a service is down to a variety of reasons:

  • Bodyguards have become more accessible and affordable
  • There are more personal protection officers working in the field
  • In the social media-saturated society we live in, more people are aware of those who might be considered a target for some kind of wrongdoing

So let’s take a look at the type of people/occupations that might require the services of a bodyguard—AKA, Close Protection Officer.Celebrity Bodyguard

  1. Celebrities and those in the public eye: Of course, the rich and famous are the most obvious category of person who might have a bodyguard. But today this also extends to those who’ve recently come to the attention of the masses, even fleetingly, such as those on reality TV shows, YouTube stars, lottery winners, and influencers. Stalkers, crazed fans, and the like are just some of the reasons for protection, especially when visiting public places.
  2. Execs and CEOs: In particular, those of high-profile companies. Holding such a position brings with it certain risks, including corporate sabotage, kidnapping, protection from disgruntled employees, and anti-corporation activists. Executive protection is on the rise, with many companies and individuals realizing the benefits and peace of mind it brings.
  3. Those responsible for high-value goods, money, or valuable information: Such as those who transport large amounts of money, jewels, or sensitive information.
  4. Political figures: Politics bring out strong emotions and feelings in people—and, unfortunately, not only the positive ones. Politicians, and indeed prominent activists, are a prime target for those who disagree with their views, and are likely to require personal protection.
  5. Wealthy people: Having a high net worth sadly attracts the attention of those who’re either jealous or think they stand to gain from doing you harm. A bodyguard might also be necessary for family members as well.
  6. Victims of domestic abuse and/or divorcees: Never a nice period in anyone’s life, such people might feel the need for protection from an ex-partner. A personal protection officer can stave off any potential volatility, particularly when the two parties need to have necessary contact.
  7. Witnesses to crime: In particular, high profile, gang, or mafia-related crimes.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of those who might require a personal protection bodyguard. In short, anyone who feels their safety might be at risk can benefit. And thankfully, taking advantage of a bodyguard service is now far more affordable than it was a decade or so ago.

Fast Guard Security Service provides bodyguards for all people and scenarios. From celebrity bodyguard services to wealthy family protection, their global services have been utilized by satisfied individuals and companies for decades. With highly trained, ex-military personnel, Fast Guard’s bodyguards are discreet and professional. The service also includes a full assessment of needs prior to assignment, so ensuring a successful working relationship while providing the necessary added level of security and protection.