Fast Guard

It seems that everyone who is anyone has hires a bodyguard service or some kind of security detail these days, and for good reason. No matter if you are an A, B, or C list star, if your name and face is out there in the public eye there is always someone looking to cause harm. From dealing with crowd control to stalkers, bodyguard services are increasing among the rich and the famous rapidly, even faster than two years ago when we covered this topic. 

Why Celebrities Need Bodyguards

No two celebrities are alike when it comes to their safety needs. Unfortunately, many do not understand the need for personal protection in the form of a bodyguard until they are the victim of a criminal act or someone trying to do them harm.  With social media being ever present and such a huge player in the lives of the rich and famous, they are making themselves more susceptible to risks. The rich and famous love to flaunt their lifestyle on social media for all their millions of fans to see and follow along with.  Today, a social media post, Snapchat or Instagram story can tell fans exactly where a celebrity is, what their habits are, etc. This gives those who are seeking to harm someone the ability to track their every move. Take for instance Kim Kardashian West who suffered a terrifying robbery during Paris fashion a couple of years ago. West had one bodyguard present for her and several of her sisters.  The level of protection for West and her family was disproportionate, which could have been one of the main causes of her horrifying situation. Luckily West was unharmed, however, thieves stole millions in jewelry from her while she was tied up.  Celebrities have a big target on their backs thanks to their notoriety. People will do almost anything to catch a glimpse of a celeb, which puts their lives in danger on a daily basis. Celebrity stalkers are becoming more and more common. In fact, Taylor Swift had a scary run in with a stalker in early 2018.  A man traveled over 1,000 miles to Swift’s home carrying a knife, rope, ammunition and gloves. Luckily, the man was arrested and charged before any harm was done. However, had Swift not had proper private security, she could have been the victim of a heinous crime. 

How Much Do Celebrities Pay for Bodyguard Services? 

The price of executive security services that the rich and famous need to pay to keep themselves safe and protected is not cheap. In fact, many celebrities decline bodyguard protection siting the cost as the main reason.  It usually takes one life threatening run in with a vandal or star struck fan to snap people into realizing that their star status comes at a price and in order to have the protection they need, they need to shell out the cash. The price for a celebrity body guard is steep and can range widely, however, for 24 hour a day surveillance and protection, one can expect to pay around $1.5-$2 million per year.  While this number may seem steep, you really can’t put a price tag on the life saving protection that private security guards can offer. As criminals begin to target celebrities more frequently, bodyguard services are increasing among the rich and famous. If you’re looking for bodyguard services or executive protection visit – contact us for a consultation and we’ll see that you’ll get the security that you need.