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Everyone should feel safe in their workplace. On average employees will be at their workplace for at least 40 hours a week, so companies and employers must make sure that employees are kept safe when they’re at work. 

Most modern office buildings have pretty good security systems in place. While security systems can be good at capturing any attempted thefts or break-ins on camera, they don’t provide front line protection to staff should an incident occur. 

If you’re an employer, then it’s your responsibility to keep your staff safe, so being aware of any potential dangers can be of great benefit. Luckily you can keep the workplace safe at all times by taking the necessary steps and having safety procedures in place.

A security guard can be a great option to consider if you’re looking to expand the security options for your office. There are a few scenarios that can come up where you would want to consider looking into hiring a security guard.

Rising Crime In The Area

If there is a surge in crime in the local area, then your business or office space may be at risk. Most crime statistics are publicly available, so you should be able to check with your local police department to see what the level of crime is like in your area. It may well be worth speaking to other local business owners who may be able to give you any information on any potential threats they may have noticed or suffered from. 

Concern For Police Response Time

If you work in a sparsely populated area, then there may not be many police stationed locally. If it takes a while for the police to turn up to an incident, then it may be too late. Having a security guard on hand can help take care of this risk, and even if a high-risk situation occurs, a security guard may be able to get the situation under control until the police arrive.

Employee Theft

While it’s good to have a high level of trust in your staff, unfortunately, employee theft can occur. Whether it’s stealing off another employee or stealing off the company, a security guard can help act as a deterrent to any would-be thief.

Safety Incidents Or Medical Emergencies 

It can sometimes be easy for an uninvited guest to walk into an office space, while most people visiting will be harmless, it can be uncomfortable if a stranger enters without an invitation. A security guard can make sure any safety incidents from uninvited guests are swiftly dealt with. If a medical emergency occurs, then a security guard will usually have people in emergency services that they can quickly contact to make sure help arrives as soon as possible.

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Fast Guard Security Service is on hand to help with any concerns you may have over the security of your workplace. Fast Guard Security Service can offer highly trained security guards to make sure your office is secure from any potential threats. It’s vital that employees and guests feel safe in any office space or place of work. Contact Fast Guard Service today to learn more about our security services and if you have any questions on your office’s security needs.