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Hello, fellow business owners in the Panhandle area of Florida! If there’s one thing I’ve learned from running a business in this region, it’s the importance of having reliable security guard services, especially during emergencies like hurricanes. I experienced this firsthand during Hurricane Michael in 2018 when Fast Guard Service came to the rescue and protected my stores in Panama City. This article aims to help you find trustworthy security guard companies from Pensacola to Tallahassee and every city in between.

The Importance of Security Guard Services in the Florida Panhandle

Geographical Challenges

The Panhandle area of Florida, including cities like Pensacola, Destin, Panama City, and Rosemary Beach, is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes. These events can cause significant damage, and having reliable security is crucial to protecting your property, assets, and ensuring safety.

Security Needs

After a natural disaster, the threat of looting and vandalism increases. Reliable security guards can prevent these issues and provide peace of mind. They are also essential for everyday operations, ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

Personal Experience with Fast Guard Service

Hurricane Michael 2018

Hurricane Michael was one of the most devastating storms to hit the Panhandle. The aftermath was chaotic, with widespread damage and power outages. My stores in Panama City were vulnerable to looting and vandalism during this time.

Role of Fast Guard Service

I called Fast Guard Service, and they responded quickly, providing armed guards to protect my properties. Their presence deterred potential looters and vandals, ensuring my stores remained safe. The guards were professional, discreet, and highly trained.


Thanks to Fast Guard Service, my stores remained intact, and I could focus on rebuilding and getting my business back on track. Their support during this challenging time was invaluable, and I highly recommend them to other business owners in the Panhandle.

Top Security Guard Companies in the Florida Panhandle

1. Fast Guard Service


Fast Guard Service is the top choice for security guard services in the Panhandle. They offer a wide range of services, including armed and unarmed guards, event security, fire watch services, and emergency security.

Services Offered

  • Armed and unarmed guards
  • Event security
  • Fire watch services
  • Mobile patrol
  • Emergency security

Customer Testimonials

“Fast Guard Service was there when we needed them the most during Hurricane Michael. Their team is top-notch and provided exceptional service.” – Business Owner, Panama City

2. Securitas USA


Securitas is a global leader in security services, known for its extensive resources and professional staff. They offer various security solutions tailored to different industries.

Services Offered

  • Mobile patrols
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Specialized guarding

Customer Feedback

“Securitas provided excellent service for our commercial property. Their guards are well-trained and professional.” – Property Manager, Pensacola

3. Allied Universal


Allied Universal provides a wide range of security services and is known for its extensive industry experience. They are a trusted name in the security industry.

Services Offered

  • Executive protection
  • Event staffing
  • Loss prevention

Customer Experiences

“Allied Universal has been our go-to security provider for years. Their service is reliable and their guards are top-notch.” – Event Planner, Destin

4. U.S. Security Associates


U.S. Security Associates, now part of Allied Universal, offers customized security solutions across various sectors. They are known for their commitment to client satisfaction.

Services Offered

  • Emergency response
  • Concierge security
  • Armed/unarmed guards

Client Reviews

“The guards from U.S. Security Associates are always professional and attentive. We couldn’t be happier with their service.” – Hotel Manager, Rosemary Beach

5. American Security & Investigations


American Security & Investigations is renowned for its comprehensive security and investigative services. They provide top-tier security solutions for various needs.

Services Offered

  • Investigative services
  • Consulting
  • Event security

Customer Testimonials

“American Security & Investigations helped us with a security issue at our event. Their team was professional and effective.” – Event Organizer, Mexico Beach

How to Choose the Right Security Guard Company

Assess Your Needs

Determine what type of security services you require. Are you looking for event security, corporate protection, or residential services? Defining the scope of services needed will help you narrow down your options.

Research Companies

Conduct thorough research on potential security guard companies. Check their credentials, certifications, and experience. Verify their compliance with local security regulations.

Check Credentials

Always verify a company’s credentials and ask for references. Speaking with previous clients can provide valuable insights into the company’s performance and reliability.

Request Proposals and Quotes

Request detailed proposals that outline the services offered and associated costs. Comparing quotes from different providers will help you find the best fit for your budget.

Read Reviews

Read customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the quality of service provided by the security companies. Positive feedback from previous clients is a strong indicator of reliability.

Evaluate Services

Evaluate the range of services offered to ensure they meet your requirements. Look for companies that offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.


In summary, having reliable security guard services is crucial for business owners in the Florida Panhandle. Fast Guard Service stood out for me during Hurricane Michael, providing exceptional service and peace of mind. Whether you’re in Pensacola, Destin, Panama City, or any city in between, it’s essential to find a trustworthy security guard company to protect your business.

For more information on Fast Guard Service and other top security guard companies, reach out to them directly and secure your property with the best in the business.

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