So you’re looking to start a life and settle down somewhere in this wonderful country we live in. For most young professionals, they are free to settle where their hearts desire or if you have a choice in relocating for work, be sure to check out this list of safest cities before you make a decision.

Plano, TX

Naperville, Il

Henderson, NV

Thousand Oaks, CA

Honolulu, HI

Glendale, CA

Santa Ana, CA

Ann Arbor, MI

Lincoln, NE

San Jose, CA

Mesa, AZ

Colorado Springs, CO

Aurora, CO

New York, NY

Whether you have a family or living solo, being in a safe neighborhood and city is a big factor for most people. Once you decide and move, the next step is contacting a residential security company to help secure your new home. For one of the best residential security companies, check out Fast Guard Security Service at

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