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Fast Guard

When you are looking for a new location to move your family to, your first priority will likely be researching crime rates. While some may consider this paranoia, this practice actually makes you a very responsible person. It shows that you are looking at your families best interests. If you are looking to re-locate your family to a southern state, here is a list and brief rundown of the top 3 safest towns to live in Florida by size.


Let’s start off by looking at the safest town in Florida with a small population. Indian Shores resides within Pinellas County and is marveled by being a very small beautiful beach-front community. Last year’s census polls read a population of approximately 3,800 people.

With the town being a primarily gated community, the crime rate is lower than most. You will be at risk to some property crime, and potentially personal crime, but when compared to other towns of this size, Indian Shores scored low on the crime index. So if you are looking for a nice, safe, and peaceful community to move your family to, Indian Shores, Florida is a great option.


Moving along to the mid-sized communities with a population between 20,000-45,000 people, Parkland, Florida comes in as the safest town to live in. This community has a very family friendly atmosphere and has steadily grown over the decades from a population of around 170 to currently around 28,000 people.

When looking at the crime index, property crime is where the majority of your potential concerns will stand. With an overall crime rate coming in at around 64, Parkland actually made the it in the top 3 safest towns in Florida overall.


Leaving us with Florida communities with a population of 45,000 or more, Weston comes in as the safest town within these guidelines. With the population of Weston sitting right around 70,000 people, it is remarkable that approximately 500 total crimes were reported last year. While that number might seem a bit high to some of you, consider the city of Miami had nearly 26,000 reported crimes. These drastic differences in crime rates help put the statistics in perspective.

As enumerated herein, these are three towns that you would be proud to have your family move to. That being said, your home security is not to be taken lightly no matter where you move to in Florida or else. We at Fast Guard provide an array of security services for home owners who want to keep their property and family safe. Please visit us and read more about our security options for home owners.