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Online dating scams are on the rise, and with more and more of us turning to the internet to find love, this is only set to continue. This makes the use of an online dating private investigator an essential component for your safety and ensure that you only pursue relationships with those who’re genuine in their intentions. Discover the reasons why you should consider using such a service and what it entails.

Why You Need an Online Dating Private Investigator

  •     Profiles, lies, and photo discrepancies
  •     Online dating scams

Profiles, lies, and photo discrepancies

With over 40 million Americans using dating sites at any one time, this is a lucrative hunting ground for those looking to exploit others. It’s estimated that an enormous 53% of users lie on their profiles, from the smaller “white lies” such as using a photo that’s a few years old, level of income, or age, through to specific scams that intend to defraud.

Another, rather ominous, fact, is that around 10% of all dating profiles are fake, designed solely to commit fraud. When you look at these stark figures it becomes apparent that searching for love online is something that needs to be approached with a healthy degree of caution.

Online dating scams

There are several specific online dating scams to be aware of, many so prevalent that they’ve triggered FBI investigations.

These include:

  •     The basic scam: Once a level of trust has been built, the victim is presented with a sob story and request for money. Once this ‘problem’ has been dealt with, further challenges will be presented to encourage you to send more money.
  •     Money laundering: A love interest that’s out-of-town for a while will ask you to forward them a package or perhaps cash checks for them. While this might seem innocent, it’s causing you to unwittingly become an accomplice to the movement of stolen goods or cashing fake checks.
  •     Scandals and extortion: In these cases, the victim will be persuaded to send intimate photos/videos or have intimate conversations. These may then be shared to the public domain and the only way to have them removed is to pay the scammer a demanded sum of money.
  • Credit card and valuable logins phishing: Some more sophisticated online dating scammers who’re phishing for personal information that can be used to access bank accounts or to make online payments. If you suspect that you’ve fallen for such a scam/scammer, you can always contact us and ask for a consultation with our cyber security experts.

Services Provided by an Online Dating Private Investigator

  •     Background checks
  •     Cell phone number locator
  •     Surveillance

Background checks

Online dating private investigators can carry out discreet background checks to confirm that the person you think you’re talking to is who they say they are. This will include verifying their name, age, location, relationship status, family status (for example, do they have children or a husband/wife they’re not disclosing), and even if their online pictures present a realistic resemblance of the person you’re communicating with.

Such comprehensive checks provide peace of mind that their profile is genuine and that they’re not lying about any important aspects that could put you at risk of becoming a victim of a scam or jeopardize a future relationship.

Cell phone number locator

As an online connection progresses you’ll likely share cell phone numbers. However, a common theme for those carrying out online dating scams is a reluctance to share this important piece of information. A PI can trace their cell number for you, so allowing you to insist on genuine voice communication. It should be noted that if a person doesn’t seem willing to share their number then this should automatically be a red flag that all is not as it seems…


While you might not want to take such a drastic step, surveillance of your potential or current online beau is an option. This can unveil information, such as those who might already be in a relationship, seeing other people, engaging in criminal activity, or carrying out anything else that might make them unsuitable as a romantic partner.

Fast Guard Service Provide a Bespoke Online Dating Private Investigator Service

Ensuring your safety when online dating is a specialist service carried out by the experts at Fast Guard Service. Recognized globally as a leader in all forms of security, their confidential and friendly facility provides users with true peace of mind when it comes to navigating the fraught world of internet dating.