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More so in 2017 than ever, a mobile patrol guard is an extremely effective form of security, especially as a deterrent. They have shown that by removing unauthorized people from a specific location or site has a positive effect of reducing theft. It adds a layer of security that helps to give clients peace of mind and it’s also a cost-effective solution that is often ideal for securing a site or premises.

As with most things, there is no one solution for every commerical security situation. Depending on the type of business you have and the cost of assets and premises, a static security option might well be a better solution. However, if you are looking for a solution that effectively marries the level of security cover with the estimated level of risk then a mobile patrol solution could well be the most cost effective route for you..

Let’s take a look at some of the major positives for using a mobile patrol service in 2017

Plays the role of deterrent. Have patrolling guards in their uniforms means they are recognizable immediately, even from distance and people automatically factor in the added risk. Many crimes such as robbery are opportunist crimes. Just having a patrolling security presence is likely to make some perpetrators look for ‘softer’ targets

A Total Security Solution. Being mobile, you have security that’s able to manage larger areas of multiple locations. Whether on foot or by car they can secure perimeters and check the overall security of your premises. It has the flexibility that makes it work to fit your needs allowing it to feel like a bespoke solution at an off the peg price.

Cost-effective. In 2017 it’s a tough economic environment. Having a permanent security guard might be an expensive investment in security that’s not necessary. However, a mobile guard force is a much more cost effective solution and allows you to get the kind of coverage that might be the best fit for your business. You pay for what you utilize.

Immediate response. Having mobile patrol security means that you have security that’s able to react quickly to changing needs. Whereas the Police may respond slowly to a reported illegal activity the mobile patrol will be there much quicker and can react to the scene and protect your premises and assets accordingly.

In 2017 using a mobile armed guard service has become increasingly popular thanks to its abundance of advantages. It’s a very clear deterrent to lower the risk of possible threats to your business and property. It can be tailored to fit your every changing needs but at the same time, it offers a good return on investment and good value.

You have peace of mind that comes from a team of professionals watching over your business. Although there is no one solution that is the best security solution for every business, regardless of model and size, the flexibility of the mobile patrols solution means it has the capacity to be a good fit for more businesses, possibly yours too.


Author: Moise Louissaint

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