Fast Guard

Of course as the experts in home security Miami, Fast Guard Services wants to be the first in line to defend your property and look after your business to make sure any and all of your investments are safe and sound. However, we’re so dedicated to making sure all of your security needs are met, we’d like to pass along some of the proactive things you can do to plug up any weak spots you might have and what to do if your home gets burgled.  

First off, we all understand how useful and fun social media can be, but you need to be very careful about posting your holiday plans on places like Facebook. Remember, criminals have smartphones and home computers as well and they can easily use the fact that you’ve left your house against you if you let them know you’ve gone for any length of time. It’s even best to post those holiday photos after you’ve returned.

Here’s another great home security in Miami tips from our experts and dispatchers who can be accessed 24/7. If you come home to find that someone is actually inside robbing your home, don’t enter. It’s much better to phone for help from outside in your car or even from a trusted neighbor’s house.