Fast Guard

Shop Securely on Https sites (not just http)

Sites beginning in https are encrypted, meaning your data transfer with the site has added cyber security. Avoid purchasing on site only using http as data transferring to and from the site will not be secure. Websites like Free Website Safety & Security Check ( can help you determine if a site is legitmate.


Don’t click links on social media

Avoid clicking unsolicited links especially in text messages and social media posts. If a deal seems too good to be true, it like is. If a seller is contacting you only through direct messaging on Facebook, WhatsApp Skype, etc. and does not have a website or corresponding store then do not proceed with them. It is quite likely fraudulent.



Upgrade your password

Using a service like is an excellent cyber security tool to maximize your password safety. Using longer passwords with special characters and numbers decrease the odds your password could be guessed by attackers. You can even test your password at How Secure Is My Password? | Password Strength Checker ( which will give you immediate feedback on how long a computer would take to crack your password.


Don’t shop on public Wifi

Public networks are all around us and our devices might automatically connect to them. However, they are public and not private and thus are not secure connections. Always double check that you are logged out of your banking and other payment sites when connecting to a public wifi.  Never log into payment sites such as Paypal or your bank on public wifi. This cybersecurity tip applies to any activity you may wish to perform on a public network


Use Secure Payment Options like Paypal Instead of Debit Cards

Payment services and credit cards have better liability terms for unauthorized purchases than banks do. Fraudulent purchases on credit cards for instance do not have a time limit to report, whereas debit card transaction do (60 days). Using a credit card or secure payment service like ensures you will typically receive an immediate reverse of the charge as they conduct an investigation. With a debit card- an investigation is first initiated and may take weeks or longer to resolve before being credited back.



Use Safe Guard to Fortify Your Cyber Security

Safe Guard has been a leading service provider of Cyber Security with a long history of satisfied clients. Hiring a professional security agency for your digital security services is the responsible thing to do, as you’ll not only protect your website from hacking and business from theft, you’ll also protect your clients’ personal information including their credit card information. Cyber crime is constantly and rapidly evolving, and it’s no longer expected of the webmaster to secure the online presence of your business.