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The holiday season has begun, bringing with it a huge increase in online traffic. This brings with it a raised threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches, with criminals finding methods to penetrate a system via methods as diverse as shopping to social media. Because of this, companies in all niches are entering the most hazardous time of the year when it comes to being the target of cyber-crime.

Businesses of all sizes must ensure that their cybersecurity is robust and up to date. The following are essential tips to keep your digital world safe during the festive period.

  • Train/update all staff: No matter what your company policy on emails, social media, and website visits, there’s always a temptation to use an Cyber Security During Holidaysorganization’s system to shop, check personal email, or sneak a look at Facebook or Insta. Phishing attacks rocket at this time of year, so hammer home the message of never clicking on links or connecting personal devices to the work IT system. Ensuring the provision of clear instructions on how to report any phishing attempt will go a long way to protecting your IT infrastructure.
  • Beware of Wi-Fi: With remote working ever-more likely, especially over the holidays, extra care needs to be taken when connecting to a network. Public, unsecured options should always be avoided, and non-approved home Wi-Fi might not be apt for those working on particularly sensitive information. Both company owners and their staff should be fully aware of networks that can be safely used to ensure valuable data can’t be compromised.
  • Check anti-virus software: Is it up to date? Overlooking updates is a perilous habit, as cybercriminals work 24/7 to create ingenious methods to infiltrate a system. Only by uploading patches and software updates as soon as they’re available do you ensure the necessary firewall against such threats.
  • Revisit response and recovery strategies: One only need look at the many high-profile attacks that’ve hit the headlines this year to realize that, despite the best of efforts, hacks and breaches still occur. This is why it’s vital to have a robust plan in place as to the necessary steps to follow should such an attack happen. Everyone should know the procedure, from board level down through managers and staff on the frontline.

Taking advantage of a specialist cybersecurity service to overview your company system is a wise move to guard against attack. Security company, Fast Guard Service, provides the ultimate in cybersecurity advice, as well as offering dynamic cyber security services that include a fully-managed service to protect against cyber incursion at all times.

The most important aspect of online security is the continual monitoring of threat identification and its elimination. With the holiday season being a time of increased vulnerability, this is the ideal time to not only overview all elements of a system and carry out staff refreshers but also to consider whether a managed security service might be the safest and most cost-effective option.