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Protecting against cyber-attacks is an essential element of business security. There are many drivers of such technological criminal activity, including accessing sensitive data, extortion, cyber terrorism, or simply to cause mayhem. The threat is multi-faceted, necessitating a strategic approach towards cyber security that utilizes various elements to protect devices, networks, and programs from any form of attack. The main challenge for a company is the ever-evolving dimension of these virtual strikes, meaning a dynamic approach is needed to adapt to constantly changing threats.

Categories Of Cyber Threats Cyber Attacks

Criminals attempt to gain access to systems in many different ways. However, most fall into one of the following three categories:


  • An attack on confidentiality
  • An attack on integrity
  • An attack on availability


The most common methods used in the first scenario are those that manipulate people into giving away sensitive information. These included phishing attacks in multiple guises, whereby a hacker will attempt to make a user click on a link, download information, or divulge sensitive information. Such threats are increasing year on year, with the latest figures provided in Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report showing that 32% of all data breaches were carried out through phishing.

Attacks on integrity involve a hacker gaining access to sensitive information held by a company and releasing it into the public domain. Such an act can have catastrophic effects on public perception of a business, such as the recent data breaches of global names such as Facebook, Capital One, and First American Financial Corp. 

Those that target availability usually involve a ransom attempt, whereby access by the user is prevented until a fee is paid. 

Effective Prevention

Even companies with a dedicated IT team can find it challenging to keep up with the techniques hackers continue to bring to the playing field, with ongoing malicious threats often rendering even the best of internal company efforts ineffective. With cyberattacks becoming increasingly more advanced, many companies are turning to professional security services to effectively address the problem.

Leading global security company, Fast Guard Service, offers a solution that addresses all the diverse elements necessary to withstand the constantly evolving process of cyber security. Only a full range of proactive IT support offers the ironclad defense a business needs. Using the services of such elite cyber security specialists makes for 24/7 sophisticated monitoring, providing robust protection from threats, network security, firewall defenses, and real-time elimination of hazards as and when they occur.

Other crucial aspects of cyber security include ongoing data backup, encryption, and the vital component of security awareness training for all users. Hackers are becoming ever-more inventive in their pursuits, and dark web activities provide a virtually un-policed marketplace for the exchange of stolen information and other illegal undertakings. 

With a reported 0.8 percent of global GDP—as much as $600 billion— is lost globally to cybercriminals, it’s no longer enough for companies to rely on home-grown solutions for cyber protection. The provision of dynamic, proactive IT protection is an essential element of any business plan, and companies owe it to themselves and their customers to provide the ultimate steps provided by elite security companies to guard against the growing threat of cyberattacks.