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A security guard is one of the best steps a business can take to ensure it’s safety. Certain types of businesses will benefit more from hiring a security guard than others, so it’s essential to be informed about your options and to find out if your business could benefit from a security guards services, before you choose whether to hire or not hire an armed security guard for your business.

When you’re going about your day to day routines you’ve no doubt seen security guards outside banks or government buildings. It’s not only these places, though where having a security presence can be beneficial. Many situations can arise where having a security guard on hand can be of help. 

Retail Stores

If you run any retail store, then your business may have experienced theft, and if it has you’ll know firsthand how important it is for a retail store to have a security guard in place to stop such incidents from occurring. Security guards can keep an eye on customers so that the employers can focus on giving customers a top-class experience. They also compliment the CCTV camera system any business should have installed, which is also another service we provide.


Hotel security is a must, and a hotels reputation is dependent on the experience of its guests, so it’s vital guests feel safe and secure at all times. A security guard can help monitor a hotel’s entrance to make sure that only authorized people enter the premises. Having a safe workplace helps Mall Security Guardemployees produce their best work. When employees feel secure, they can focus on giving guests top-quality service.

Shopping Malls/Plazas

Similar to retail stores, shopping malls and plazas are common places for incidents of theft to occur. Not only can theft happen in these places but also muggings and potential terrorist threats. Having a security guard in place can help to deter would-be criminals or vandals from carrying out a crime. Patrons and shoppers will also be reassured if they see a security guard on the premises, and they’ll know that their safety is a priority.


It’s not often people will visit a hospital out of choice, chances are, if you have to visit a hospital, then it means you’ve suffered an injury, or a loved one has been hurt. Many of the guests can be emotional and over extreme stress, and there’s a lot of potential for friction between patients and staff. Hospitals can benefit from having security guards that specializes in hospital security on hand to make sure the vulnerable are protected. Having a security guard present or a team of security guards along with a monitored security system in place can help hospitals optimize security. 

Get A Professional Opinion

If you feel your business could benefit from the presence of a security guard or other commercial security services then get in touch with Fast Guard Security Service, our experts can help with any questions you may have on your business’s security needs. Our security guards can provide around the clock surveillance to help ensure your business is protected, and more importantly, to make sure your staff and customers feel entirely secure.