Fast Guard

Commercial security is a vital element of any business. The repercussions of a breach of security, be it a break-in, burst pipes, vandalism, or anything in between, can be severe, and not solely restricted to any inconvenience caused. Under-valuing the importance of the physical protection of a building, assets, and personnel can be a costly mistake. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the many benefits brought about by using the expertise of a commercial security monitoring service.

  • Prevention is better than cure: When it comes to damage to property or unauthorized people attempting to gain access, a visible security deterrent is by far the most effective means of keeping a business secure. Quality surveillance and alarm systems, on-site guards or a service that carries out regular checks have a dramatic impact on lowering criminal activity. A commercial service ensures 24/7 visibility through a combination of physical presence and CCTV monitoring, with the ability to provide an immediate response should an incident occur.
  • Peace of mind: When you entrust a professional security firm to oversee the monitoring they can advise on any necessary features that will further tighten up any existing security arrangements. This could include aspects such as panic buttons, access controls, the latest in CCTV and alarms, fire and flood systems, and more. Engaging such an expert overview will highlight areas that can easily be overlooked by familiarity in a premises.
  • Eyes on, 24/7: Technology does a wonderful job of keeping commercial premises safe. But nothing adds that extra element of security more than the human touch. With a professional monitoring service, companies benefit from round the clock surveillance, 365 days of the year.
  • Critical intervention: While most people think of criminal activity as the reason for business security monitoring, other aspects are equally important. Fires and floods are the most obvious, with a fast response meaning the difference between a minor inconvenience and complete devastation. Even a simple burst pipe could have catastrophic effects should it not be dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Staff safety: Hiring even a single person brings a responsibility to care for their welfare. Everyone has a right to work in a place where they feel secure. With assaults within the workplace a very real threat, knowing that systems are in place to ensure their safety provides peace of mind to employees, not to mention increasing the desirability of the business as a great place to work. 

The benefits of commercial security monitoring can’t be over-emphasized, be it a single person operation or the largest of corporate concerns. Global experts, Fast Guard Security, work with enterprises of all sizes to create a bespoke service to suit their needs.

A professional commercial solution allows companies to relax in the knowledge that the physical side of security is well provided for, allowing personnel at all levels to get on with the important aspect of concentrating on their core business.