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Bernardo Santiago Lopez, 30, caused consternation within South Florida fitness communities when he was arrested. He is now facing charges for installing hidden cameras at multiple YouFit gyms across Broward and Boynton Beach counties. Deputies from the Broward Sheriff’s Office, as well as Boynton Beach officers, conducted an investigation that revealed troubling details surrounding these illicit activities. Authorities discovered a WiFi-connected camera containing images of at least 50 naked men, according to an arrest report, prompting youFit to state 7News in which they expressed shock and their commitment to safeguarding members’ safety and privacy.

Immediately upon discovering these allegations, We removed the cameras, contacted law enforcement, and assisted with investigations that led to the arrest of this individual who is no longer eligible to rejoin our fitness community, according to YouFit’s statement. The investigation, initiated due to concerns raised by gym-goers, revealed the breaches of privacy that occurred at several YouFit gym locations throughout South Florida. Law enforcement agencies worked tirelessly in their search for Lopez as the culprit responsible for such serious offenses.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for increased vigilance and security measures within public spaces, even seemingly private areas like restroom facilities. Furthermore, it raises crucial questions regarding fitness facilities’ responsibility to safeguard patrons’ safety and privacy. YouFit gym members and the local community are reeling from this breach of trust, with legal proceedings unfolding to address its impact. Individuals impacted may seek recourse through justice.

Bernardo Santiago Lopez will face legal consequences and possible sanctions shortly. youFit has assured its members they are taking steps to strengthen security measures and avoid future incidents, thus building trust within their fitness community. 

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