Fast Guard

Strip club security is no easy task. For many reasons these clubs can have violence issues, rowdiness issues, and even can attract a criminal element. Fast Guard Service is the perfect choice for any strip club security needs. Here are a few ways that Fast Guard Services can help: ·

  1. Control rowdy patrons: Obviously when combining drinking young men and scantily clad women, rowdiness can very quickly become an issue. Fast Guard Service provides armed security guards that can keep these issues to a minimum, and who can quickly calm or quietly eliminate rowdy patrons who don’t understand the need to follow the rules.·
  2. Protect your employees: Strippers do not have an easy job, and talented strippers need to focus on what they are doing to put on the best show, which of course fetches the top dollar. It is difficult to put on a good or attractive show if you fear for your life. ALL employees should have a sense of security and not be afraid of going to work. Fast Guard Service will protect your employees and your property.·
  3. Diffuse potential violence: Whenever alcohol is involved the potential for violent activity is enhanced. When you add stripping females and testosterone to the mix, you are simply pouring high octane fuel on a white hot fire. Fast Guard Service’s skilled, experienced security guards can stop violence before it breaks out in most cases, and can quickly end it when it does.·
  4. Prevent criminal activities: Adult entertainment and liquor are big business, and they are cash businesses too. It’s hard to tip a dancer with a credit card. Cash, money, and the strip club atmosphere naturally attract a criminal element. With smart surveillance and Fast Guard’s highly trained armed guards on site, the potential for criminal activity can be negated or easily stopped. ·
  5. Prevent property damage: Rowdy drunk patrons, violence, and simple drunkenness can easily and quickly lead to property damage. By keeping the patrons in line from the get go and watching the crowd for signs, Fast Guard Service’s security team can prevent or lessen the potential for costly property damage.·
  6. Keep patrons from going too far: Let’s face it, provocative dancers can get drunk or drinking patrons all worked up, and before you know it your dancer is being mauled by an overhyped patron who has fallen in lust. Fast Guard’s security teams can keep the hands off of the dancers, and make sure no potentially dangerous issues get out of hand.·
  7. Offer employees a sense of security: Let’s face it, adult entertainment is not the easiest business to be in. Fast Guard Service will provide a calming and re-assuring presence, which is a benefit to more qualified potential employees, who want to earn top dollar but work in a club that they know is safe.