Loss Prevention Officers perform duties that help prevent merchandise loss for retail fronts and various stores. They help prevent or detect shoplifting activities, theft, damage from neglect and other forms of loss that can drive a retail outlet or store out of business. Here are a list of reasons why you should hire a skilled Loss Prevention Officer:


  • Catch Thieves: Shoplifters and thieves can put a retail chain out of business in quick order, imagine what they can do to small change, regional chains or even independent stores. A skilled, experienced Loss Prevention Officer can identify potential thieves and shoplifters and stop crimes before they take place, so your merchandise stays where it belongs.
  • Follow up Investigations: Sometimes criminal activities are well planned and involve more than the initial suspect. To prevent further problems and to catch all criminals involves, some investigative work may be necessary. A good Loss Prevention Officer will get to the bottom of the crime so that all involved pay the price, and so that no future crimes can be committed by the same crew.
  • Damage Control: Loss Prevention Officers jobs are not simply about preventing theft, as important as that is. Careless employees and reckless patrons can destroy merchandise and property. Costing the same amount of money or more than theft, ultimately affecting the store’s bottom line. Skilled surveillance with modern equipment and a talented Loss Prevention Officer can help mitigate and prevent needless damage.
  • Stop Insider theft: Unfortunately some of the most damaging theft, and in some cases the largest volume of theft at a store, can come from employees or insiders. A Loss Prevention Officer knows what to look for so that the store’s valuable merchandise and hard earned money doesn’t walk out the door with an employee or with their friends and family.
  • Better Inventory Management: Profit and loss in a retail store is based on effective inventory management. After all, any retail store is in business to make a profit off of the inventory that they sell. By eliminating or mitigating theft, damage and loss, inventory can be more effectively managed and monitored, thereby maximizing profit.
  • Train Staff: A Loss Prevention Officer who is good at their job understands that they are only as effective as the staff they have to work with. No one can be everywhere at once. That is why a good Loss Prevention Officer will train the staff on theft prevention techniques, and what and where to look for anything that might cause the store to lose inventory or money.


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