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Home security comes in many guises, one facet of which is a private security patrol. With crime in certain areas experiencing levels that can’t be adequately policed through regular law enforcement agents, the use of a private home security patrol is becoming a popular option for many.

The following looks at the reasons behind this rise in popularity and the advantages such service can bring.

Private Home Security Patrol: crime statistics

  •     States, cities, towns, and neighborhoods
  •     Break-ins and criminal damage

States, cities, towns, and neighborhoods

According to Statista, the worst state in the USA for burglary is New Mexico, followed by Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. However, no matter what the rate in a particular state, there will always be regional fluctuations. So even if you live in the safest state, which is determined as New Hampshire according to the same report, there will always be some localities and neighborhoods that pose more of a risk than others.

Break-ins and criminal damage

Break-ins aren’t solely restricted to theft from a property. In the US, acts such as trespass, entering a building or car with the intent to commit a crime, and any unlawful or forcible entry into a building are considered a felony. In addition, there’s also the aspect of criminal damage, such as graffiti or any kind of destruction to a property, as well as anti-social behaviors carried out within or on the boundaries of your property to consider.

Wherever you live—be it a state with a high crime rate or not—property is often a target for those with ulterior motives.

Private Home Security Patrol: the advantages

  •     An additional level of security
  •     Peace of mind
  •     An effective deterrent

An additional level of security

It’s a sad fact that local police forces simply don’t have enough manpower to effectively cover every neighborhood, street, and property. This is one of the biggest reasons that many homeowners have turned to private home security patrols to ensure the safety of residential buildings.

This applies as much to large single estates as it does to a group of residents in a street clubbing together to employ the services of such a patrol. A professional private security service does what the police are unable to do—provide a constant presence and take the necessary action as and when it’s needed, should an incident occur.

Peace of mind

Private security patrols provide real peace of mind. Such a service will be tailored to your needs. It could include a security guard patrolling with a dog, a uniformed presence, during the night and/or day, carrying out perimeter checks, turning on lights during the hours of darkness, or whatever your requirements might be. That’s the beauty of hiring from the private sector—the security is bespoke for your needs. 

An effective deterrent

The biggest asset of having a private home security patrol is its effectiveness as a deterrent. Criminals are a shady bunch—they like to ‘work’ unobserved. So putting observant eyes in place is a real turnoff, meaning the large majority will seek easier spoils elsewhere.

Security patrols can also be used temporarily—perhaps you’re going away on vacation and don’t like leaving an empty property. Other times they can be an asset is during works on a property, especially if such renovation includes the removal of walls and/or doors that might provide easy access points for those with criminal intent. 

Whatever your reason for taking advantage of a private home security patrol, you should ensure that the provider is fully qualified, licensed, and has all the appropriate insurances in place. That way you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands…

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