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Hotels can be targets for criminals, terrorists, and the mentally unstable. They are vulnerable to security issues thanks to the constant hustle and bustle.  There are people in and out of hotels 24/7 and hundreds of access keys can be checked out at one time giving access to the building.  Hotel managers are tasked with the tough job of protecting the building, their employees, and guests. Many hotels choose to hire private security guards to assist with securing the building and protecting those inside.  While hotel security has always been important, it is expected to be even more crucial in 2019 thanks to new technology and the increase in security breaches and dangerous attacks over the past few years. 

Why Hotels Need Professional Security in 2024

There are a number of reasons why hotels need additional security, including:  -Protection against property damage -Protect hotel guests and staff -Monitoring of key card access  -Emergency response -Visual presence to deter criminals -Crime prevention -Training staff in safety and security  These are all important reasons why hotels require professional security. The bigger and busier the hotel, the more security detail they will require to ensure safety.  Hotel manager and employees have limited training when it comes to hotel security, making them ill equipped to handle dangerous situations. Not to mention, with so many other tasks on their plate, it is difficult to keep vigilant. 

Reasons to Increase Hotel Security in 2024

With the tragic shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 where the assailant shot hundreds of concertgoers from his hotel window, many people are questioning hotel security.  Professionally trained hotel security guards have the knowledge and experience to handle any situation and diffuse almost any dangerous situation. Many hotels have chosen to ramp up their security in the coming year by hiring professional guards. Some hotels are more susceptible to crime and have a higher need for additional security than others. Some of the reasons to increase hotel security in 2019 include:  -Nearby crime: If a hotel is located in an area with recent or nearby crime, it is the responsibility of the hotel to provide adequate protection for its guests and employees.  -Crime in the hotel: If a hotel experienced any type of crime inside their hotel, security detail needs to be ramped up immediately to deter or minimize future incidents.  -High Risk Guests-If a hotel frequently hosts high-risk guests, such as political figures or celebrities, there needs to be additional security in place to protect the hotel from fans, stalkers, and those looking to cause harm.  In addition to hiring professional security agents for hotels in 2022, hotel management should be training their employees on what to look for to prevent crime, such as suspicious guest behavior.  Hotel security cameras are also a must-have when it comes to protecting the establishment. Strategically placed cameras will help to deter criminals and catch suspicious or criminal activities before a crime is committed.  New hotel construction in 2022 should be done with security in mind. Considerations like a strategic layout and bomb-proof storage areas are being implemented to better hotel security in 2019.  If you need security for your hotel, call Fast Guard Service, NOW!