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Fast Guard Service is the number one security guard company in the continental US, and they have been for quite some time. While Fast Guard Service is headquartered in Miami, FL, the company deploys security guards and fire watch guards around the country and around the globe, when and where needed. The company is widely regarded for their strong reputation for service, their expertise, and the cost effective, comprehensive security solutions they provide to their customers. Here are a few reasons why Fast Guard Service is considered the top security guard company in the industry.


  • Experience – Fast Guard Service features a veteran skilled, highly-trained staff, with management that boasts decades of security knowledge gained from hands on, in the field experience. Fast Guard Service has a hard earned reputation as the best security firm in Miami, in Florida, in the South and in the entire United States, and for good reason. They have years upon years of experience and training, they focus only on certain areas of security, and they have masters in various fields that train, coordinate and manage guards that are tasked with different types of jobs.


  • Expertise – Fast Guard Service offers security services with experts in their unique individual fields, encompassing such important areas as VIP security, executive security, personal security, commercial security, building security, retail loss and even fire watch services. They do not take a one size fits all approach. They focus on important fields of security and then staff based on experience and expertise in those fields. An armed guard trained to protect an armored transport filled with valuables, for example, would not require the same skill set as someone who is a bodyguard, or who guards celebrities, or who is a fire watch security guard. Each security field requires guards and management that has experience and training in the area they are tasked with. Fast Guard Service takes great care to vet and train their staff, so each and every customer gest the best possible protection that can be found.


  • Client List – One of the best ways to identify how successful, effective and efficient any company is, simply revolves around taking the effort to look at who or what companies patronize the firm you are looking at. If other successful people or companies use the firm you are considering, there is likely a good reason for it. The company you are considering is good at what they do. Fast Guard Service boasts an extensive client list, including Fortune 500 companies and many high profile celebrities and executives. These people take their security seriously, for obvious reasons, and they trust Fast Guard Service with their lives, their loved ones, their property and their money. That is because they know how effective and efficient Fast Guard Service is, and real peace of mind and security is too important to cut corners on. Contact Fast Guard Service if you are looking for references or to see a past client list of satisfied customers.


Fast Guard Service



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