An armed security officer is a position of serious responsibility. While an armed security officer is not a law enforcement official, or at least not an active law enforcement official, they have similar talents and duties in a much more limited role. Armed security officers are private security guards that, in the course of their duties, have access to or carry on their persons a firearm. These are licensed, highly trained guards, as carrying a firearm cannot be taken lightly. Anyone who is carrying a firearm may very well have to use the weapon as a part of their duties, therefore they must completely understand how to use the weapon, store the weapon, take care of the weapon and be trained to do all that they can to avoid using the weapon whenever and wherever possible.

Armed security guards, therefore, should be trained in other methods of diffusing potential problems, preventing or stopping violence, or preventing or stopping crimes from being committed, for whatever charge they are hired to protect. Ultimately, though, armed guards must be proficient with firearms and their weapons in case they are ever called upon to use them in the course of their duties. Armed security officers are private security guards that are hired to protect an area, a person or persons from potential attack, hostilities or criminal activities.

An armed security guard is hired, as a part of their duties, to:

  • Prevent theft
  • Prevent loss
  • Protect property
  • Prevent or deter criminal activities
  • Protect people
  • Patrol and safeguard businesses, commercial properties and other private properties
  • Prevent, deter or diffuse violence
  • Crowd control

Fast Guard Service boasts a staff of armed security officers with years of experience, proficient with the use and safety needs of firearms. Fast Guard Service constantly trains and tests all staff, and has an excellent reputation as the premier security firm in all of the Southeast United States. If you need armed security officers for commercial or personal protection, contact Fast Guard Service at your earliest convenience.

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