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Vacations always require sensible steps to ensure the security of property left behind and for you and your loved ones while away. For those who might be in positions of authority or  the public eye, heading away from home, particularly with family members, brings with it further security challenges to ensure the well-being of all involved.

Vital Steps To Secure Un-occupied Property

Whatever the size or location of a property, leaving it unattended requires strategic steps to safeguard the building and its contents.

  • Ensure alarm systems are working correctly, CCTV cameras are well-positioned and functioning, and security lights activate as they should.
  • Consider asking a trusted source to keep a close eye on the property.
  • Put newspaper or regular deliveries on hold, and have your mail stored at the depot rather than piling up and overflowing the mailbox.
  • When you leave home, double-check that all windows, doors, and any access points are fully secured, and alarm systems are switched on.

Travel Safety

For those who might be considered a target, perhaps due to being in the public eye, C-suite execs, or VIPs of any nature, vacation time is considered to be one of vulnerability. This is accentuated during travel time when many outside influences come into effect that are beyond your control. Add family members into the mix and it becomes even more of a priority to have robust security plans.

  • Avoid any comments on social media regarding your plans.
  • Ensure no luggage is left unattended so it could be tampered with.
  • Refrain from obvious displays of wealth, such as jewelry, expensive laptops, children with the latest iPhone, etc.
  • Don’t allow any members of the family to wander off alone.
  • If using the services of bodyguards or a planned itinerary, don’t go “off-plan” or decide to make unnecessary side trips.

During Your Vacation

Naturally, you want to relax, but this doesn’t mean taking security risks. Common sense aspects such as a last walk around the property to ensure everything’s secure before bed should go without saying. Other aspects include:

  • Not carrying all your credit cards and cash on your person. Make use of any safe in your property to keep the majority secure, only taking with you what you need for the day.
  • If staying in a hotel always keep the door locked and don’t answer it unless you’re sure who’s outside.
  • The “no social media” rule should apply throughout your time away.
  • Try and remain aware of your surroundings and those around you. If something feels wrong then don’t hesitate to remove yourself and your family from the situation.

Depending on your circumstances it might be necessary to take advice from a professional source regarding vacation security. With mediums such as reality TV shows and social media plummeting previously unknown people into the public eye, more and more of us need to take stock of the risks associated with traveling.

While it might not be necessary for a full-on security detail, there’s a growing group of American citizens who need to have sturdy safety plans in place, especially when planning a vacation. 

Leading security company, Fast Guard Service, are trusted by some of the most important figures in the world to safeguard them and their families. From advice on how to keep your property secure while away through to the most advanced of bodyguards and security teams, their expert personnel can provide a bespoke assessment of your particular situation and put in place any necessary security to ensure the highest levels of safety.