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More than six months after the tragic shooting massacre at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, has hotel security truly improved?

The answer, sadly, is…not much. Some individual hotels and major hotel chains are now informing guests that they will essentially ignore “do not disturb” signs if that sign is left on a guest room door more than 24 hours. Other hotels are giving housekeepers special electronic panic buttons they can wear —  and use — to alert hotel security to suspicious activity.

What are other hotels doing? At the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, the hotel is using a discreet weapon sensing device that scans guests for guns, knives, and bombs and that doesn’t force them to walk through metal detectors. It’s a unit that combines short range radar with algorithms that is hidden in walls, doorways or elevators. But what about a discrete physical inspection of guest luggage? That hasn’t happened yet and still remains a security loophole that needs to be plugged.

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