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The closer the time is to the New Year, the more people are happy about it. The atmosphere of this incredible holiday makes everyone feel like a fairy tale. Close people gather at the table and cheerfully raise glasses with toasts to the sound of chimes. And how can something dangerous happen at such a beautiful time? While people think they have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, sometimes it can be a hazardous time of year. Why?

With the arrival of this holiday, all people are busy decorating the house and cooking food. And on the day of the holiday itself, everyone gathers in companies. It is a great opportunity for a thief to blend in with the crowd. It mainly happens in a big metropolis like Miami or in many cities in South Florida. There many people are distracted from affairs and immerse themselves in the holiday. But unfortunately, any of them can be threatened by something.

There are clashes in crowds, terrorists, robbers, and so on. Also, people often start harming others under the influence of alcohol. To avoid this, there are specific New Year’s Eve safety tips. Fast Guard Service offers to take care of your safety in such situations. Whether you need crowd control or highly trained armed security, Fast Guard Service provides an easy solution for all security needs.

Plan Ahead for a Secure Celebration

Are you planning to organize a cool New Year’s party? Do you want to gather all your loved ones and make this holiday unforgettable? You can have a safe New Year’s Eve by hiring security. When any threatening situations arise, they focus on protecting you.

There are also many step-by-step actions for the celebration without dangerous cases. Before organizing your grand festival, think about its safety. Plan the steps to solve the danger that may arise at any moment. And if you are not the organizer of the holiday but its guest, also think about how you will act in emergencies. Hire security, keep in touch with close ones, and warn others of suspicions.

It is important to take care of your safety and the security of others. In today’s world, being at a party, you can face robbery, murder, or threats. Thus, your safety should be your priority. For this, Fast Guard Service has several New Year’s Eve safety tips. Below we will give steps that you should consider. By following the list, you can avoid certain dangers:

Choose a safe location for a celebration

If you take the role of the holiday organizer, pay attention to the location of this. It is crucial to choose a place that does not carry any danger. Make sure your facility, club, or recreation center is in a safe zone. Consider factors like capacity, accessibility, and existing security measures in place. Also, think of celebrating with just your company. That is so that there are no outsiders and other companies of people nearby.

Contact a reputable security team

The next New Year’s Eve safety tip is to contact the guards. On such a large-scale holiday, having those around you who will protect you is important. And if you are in charge of the celebration, you should hire security. It is better to hire them for the entire territory of your celebration. Fire, threats, attacks, terror and fights can happen to you on a festive night. So, contact Fast Guard Security to have a safe New Years Eve.

Control the presence of guests you have invited

Outsiders often attend large celebrations. And usually, these outsiders have the goal of doing something bad. After all, what is the point of a stranger getting into someone else’s company? So, invite your friends and family only by invitation. And let the security guard at the entrance check it to avoid entering other guests. So you can be sure that only your close ones are at your party.

Develop a comprehensive emergency plan

Sometimes a safe New Year’s Eve can turn into something threatening. In this case, it is vital to come up with an emergency plan. You can do it yourself, or your security can help. Conduct a briefing with all staff members and security personnel before the event. It will enable everyone to act correctly in times of threat. So, you will have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.

Be in touch with your security team

When hiring personal security, it is crucial to always be in touch with them. Communicate live via walkie-talkie, Internet, or other methods. Usually, security itself indicates the form of communication. After all, it depends on your situation. But in any case, do not lose touch with Fast Guard Security. Communication in free access allows you to warn about something threatening or suspicious in advance.

Alcohol Safety

Most celebrations do not do without alcohol. It is especially true for the New Year. Some companies of friends like to abuse alcohol and enjoy it. But unfortunately, not everyone can control their actions under alcoholic substances. After drinking alcohol excessively, some people can start threatening others. They get into fights and do illegal things. So, to have a safe holiday, control your and others’ alcohol consumption. There are some New Year’s Eve safety tips for this:

  1. Try not to exceed the limit of alcohol drinking. If you know your norm, don’t break it.
  2. If you are the owner of the party, then buy the appropriate amount of alcohol. Do not provide unlimited access to drinks. After all, this is a provocateur of danger at the celebration.
  3. Thieves often mix drugs with alcohol. If strangers insistently offer you an alcoholic drink, avoid it. And if you suspect something wrong, notify security immediately.

New Year’s Eve Fire Safety

No New Year can exist without the presence of fireworks. This incredible thing has become a tradition for this holiday. But did you know what danger it carries? Improper use of fireworks can cause a fire. So, by collaborating with Fast Guard Service, you can enhance New Year’s Eve fire safety. 

Very often, on this holiday, people also like to play with firecrackers, lighting candles, and so on. And few people think about the consequences of these actions. But you should understand that improper use of such things provokes a fire. You can set the house on fire with fireworks or something like that. And these are the least severe things you can do. So, be sure to ensure New Year’s Eve fire safety.

Personal Security

When going to celebrate the New Year, everyone thinks about a fun time. And no one feels that something bad can happen at any moment. Of course, you don’t need to think about it like a paranoid person constantly. But it is crucial to protect yourself from this.

When you go to the company of friends, you are sure that everything will be fine. When you organize your own party, you also think that everything will be fine. After all, you are sure that there are people you know and nothing dangerous can happen. But this is a huge mistake. After all, potential thieves walk next to you in the crowd of many people on holiday. And those who can not control themselves due to alcohol are also a potential danger. So, it’s imperative to hire personal security. These specialists can protect you regardless of the level of risk. So, with them, you will have a safe New Years Eve.

Safe New Years Eve with Fast Guard

Do you want to enjoy the New Year to the fullest? Do you want it to be unforgettable in a good way? Don’t let a possible danger spoil your holiday. Contact Fast Guard Service. It is the most respected armed security and professional guard service in the entire region. 

If you are responsible for a nightclub or hot spot on New Year’s Eve or just want to ensure your property is safe, Fast Guard Services are there to help. By protecting you and providing New Years Eve safety tips, we will keep you out of harm’s way.


  • Are public New Year’s Eve events safe to attend?

It depends on where you are celebrating and with whom. If it has any suspicions and strangers, you should take care of your safety.

  • Can I celebrate New Year’s Eve responsibly with alcohol?

Yes, for this, know your limits and drink in moderation. It is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • How can I protect my home during New Year’s Eve celebrations?

You can hire security guards for this. Installing video cameras at home is also a good way. And, of course, close the windows and doors tightly.

  • What should I do in case of an emergency during New Year’s Eve celebrations?

In case of an emergency during New Year’s Eve celebrations, stay calm. Focus on your safety and the safety of others and listen to the guard service.

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