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Construction is a multi-billion dollar industry. People have to have places to live, to eat, to shop and to conduct business, and buildings must be built to accommodate these common activities. Take a drive through any major city one time and count all the construction sites. If you are in the construction you understand how much money is involved, and how costly problems and delays can be.

That is why 24/7 construction security is imperative to any construction project, especially large ones. You have equipment out that can be stolen or damaged. What about expensive materials that you can’t possibly take back to the warehouse every day? There is the threat of property damage from ignorant people, plus the threat of weather damage or acts of God. Construction sites are vulnerable

That is why construction security is so important. On site construction security, especially around the clock security when no one is working and the project is most vulnerable can prevent a catastrophe from happening, or at least limit the damage if something goes wrong.

There are many reasons to have on site security around the clock at an ongoing construction site, but here are the top reasons:

  •  Property protection
  • Materials protection
  • Equipment and tools protection
  • Emergency response
  • Trespassing prevention
  • Limit weather damage
  • Prevent or limit damage from accidents
  • Visibility to avert potential criminal activity
  • Protect construction progress
  • Identify and address potential hazards
  • Prevent vandalism

With all these dangers to projects that can mean hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, why would anyone take a chance of the safety of a construction site? Damage can happen any hour of the day. Skilled construction security, monitoring devices and routine patrols can help prevent possible issues, and can certainly minimize damages.

Fast Guard Service can help securitize any construction project you may have, no matter what the size. If you have an ongoing construction project or an upcoming construction project in the Miami area, Fast Guard Service is ready and available to help. Fast Guard Service is the most dependable Security firm in the Miami area, in all of the USA. Their armed security guards are extremely disciplined, experienced, and receive constant training.

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