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By now we have all seen the typical funny scene in the movies or on TV, where the employee is let go and they are unaware that it is coming and so they cause a big funny scene. Tom Cruise had a famous one in Jerry Maguire; there was one on the show the Office with Steve Carell that was famous. But in reality these scenes are not funny at all.

In fact they can be downright dangerous and on a rare occasion even deadly for nearby office workers. That is why office security can never be taken lightly, but especially when it comes to taking care of security during a potentially disruptive or dangerous employee termination. This doesn’t just apply to unstable employees either; any employee can lose their cool and even become dangerous when their livelihood is stripped from them.

Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a private security firm to handle the potential difficulties that come with employee termination security:


  1. Unstable employees can be a danger to others in the workplace. Without ample, highly skilled armed security there to act as a deterrent or to take control of the situation before it all breaks down, people could be injured and lives could be in danger.
  2. Even if no one is hurt, there is the potential for property damage as the dismissed employee vents and lets off steam. Experienced security guards can ensure that all property is safe.
  3. The workplace can be easily disrupted, scaring other employees and even customers if a dismissed employee loses control of themselves. With armed security or private security on the premises, they can expedite and control the situation, speedily escorting the disgruntled former employee off of the premises.
  4. In some offices intellectual property is at the heart of the business. On site private armed security can make sure that ALL property that belongs to the company stays with the company, and doesn’t make its way out the door.
  5. Once the dismissed employee has been removed from the premises by the armed or private security guards, the security guards can then guard the entrances to the building and protect the property after hours to make sure that the dismissed employee doesn’t return to do any damage.


If you run a business anywhere in South Florida, in Miami or South Beach or any of the surrounding areas, contact Fast Guard Service if you need help with employee termination. Fast Guard Service boasts the best and most skilled private security force in all of Florida, and they will protect your office or business 24/7 if needed.

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