Fast Guard

Burglary is one of the many things that plague the thoughts of any business owner, and unfortunately there is not a method to 100% prevent against becoming a victim of burglary. However, there are things you, as the business owner, can do to help prevent this from happening.


The first option most people turn to first in these events, is to update their stores security system. Upgrading to a higher-end alarm system that has motion detection can be beneficial to you. It affords you the comfort of knowing that your store is well protected when you are not there. Many alarm systems now have the ability to contact the local law enforcement as soon as it’s triggered, much like the silent alarms you might see in the movies. The next step is to hire a security monitoring service, in which a professional security company will monitor your business 24/7. If you find your business to be at high risk of burglary nothing beats human surveillance in terms of assessment and reaction time.

The installation of security cameras could also possibly keep would-be burglars at bay. With everything being digital now, most burglars realize that they can’t just take the tape, and leave the store. Once it goes digital, the file is secured on an external server for future playback.


This might seem like a trivial fact, but a well lit establishment is far less likely to be broken into then a business that is hidden in shadows. Start by making sure that you leave a few lights on within the establishment itself. This will make it so people in the area, including patrolling police officers, the ability to see within the store, and tell if anything out of the norm is going on.

Then you will want to make sure the storefront is well lit as well. This can be a great security feature for your safety if you are entering or leaving the store at late night hours.


Guard security services is another avenue that many business owners tend to look into. This will give you the benefit of having someone, on sight, at all times making sure the store is secure. You can also keep a security guard on staff during hours of operation to give yourself  24-hour per day protection.

This option might seem like a little on the extreme side, but when push comes to shove, sometimes extreme measures need to be taken to ensure your business will not be taken advantage of. If you own a business in the Miami area, a simple Google search for the terms private security Orlando, or security guards Orlando, FL will send you in the right direction to get you started in upgrading your businesses security in the right way.