Construction sites are a magnet for thieves, with high-value vehicles and equipment by necessity being left in plain sight and representing spoils targeted by what are often organized criminals.

Construction site security is something contractors and site bosses need to regularly overhaul. The following are some tips to help ensure that your site doesn’t fall foul of losses that are estimated to cost the industry billions of dollars per year.

  1. Be organized: Having an end of day routine whereby all equipment is tidied up and secured is good practice. Larger pieces of equipment and vehicles can be secured with chain/cables. Ensure all vehicle keys are removed and safely stored away. Apply hitch locks to trailers and lock up or remove smaller tools and equipment overnight.
  2. Schedule deliveries: So they coincide with when you need them. This can be a challenge, but the fewer materials left lying around the better.
  3. Light up the site: Working in the spotlight isn’t something criminals appreciate. Ensuring the site is well lit during the hours of darkness is a good deterrent. It also discourages employee theft from those who can navigate an unlit site through local knowledge.
  4. Ensure accurate record-keeping: Log all equipment, tools, and supplies in and out. This should include serial numbers, photographic evidence, and those using or responsible for pieces of kit. That way if something goes missing there’s a paper trail and evidence to back up any claim.
  5. Use a quality surveillance system: Such as CCTV cameras and motion sensors. Today’s technology provides many options, including real-time Wi-Fi and text alerts and systems that run on batteries or solar if there’s no power source. Motion sensors can be combined with a surveillance system to flood the area with light if movement is detected. 
  1. Use signage and fencing: It’s wise to use temporary fencing around a construction site, and this should be at least 8 feet in height to prevent easy access. Ensure there’s only a single entrance/exit point and securely lock this at night. Place signs at strategic places around the site stating, “no trespassing,” as well as that security cameras provide 24/7 monitoring. You could also include a phone number (your security company or even 911) for anyone to call should they notice any suspicious activity.
  2. Register your equipment: With the National Equipment Register to assist should a theft take place.

An independent assessment of a construction site is always a good idea to highlight any weak points. Fast Guard Security Service offers the ultimate in advice and provision of the security necessary to guard against devastating theft and loss. This could include the installation of the latest security camera system or the supply of experienced uniformed security guards for large sites or high-risk areas. Their construction site-specific service can also help determine any issues regarding safety, as well as providing round the clock monitoring.

From small projects to those ranging to multi-million dollars, effective security and safeguarding of construction sites is an essential aspect of any building project in the 21st century.

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