Fast Guard

Carrying out home renovations is an exciting time. It’s also pretty stressful. While much effort goes into the project itself, there’s one aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked—that of securing the property and site while the works are being carried out.

This might not initially seem a priority when navigating the gargantuan task that most renovations entail. However, such locations are increasingly seen as attractive by the criminal element of society due to the following:

  • Work on doors and windows might open up additional access points to a home that could be taken advantage of.
  • Expensive tools and equipment are likely to be left on the location.
  • Existing alarm systems might not be working as usual.
  • Having outside contractors means giving strangers access to your property.

In addition to this, you’ll likely be living in a portion of your home while the works are being carried out, so you’ll want to restrict access to workers so you can still have an element of privacy.

The following are effective methods to protect your property during the works while ensuring you still retain a good quality of life.

  • Cameras and home surveillance: These are one of the biggest assets that can help with security during the works and post-completion. Being able to monitor workers, especially if you’re not on-site, provides both peace of mind and are a deterrent to anyone who might have less than honorable intentions. It’s a sad fact that expensive building materials are often a casualty, going missing with alarming regularity. The ability to review camera feeds should such an incident occur allows you to see exactly what happened and take any necessary action.
  • Alarm systems: Any existing alarm system will need to be reviewed before work commences. New entry points, windows, and internal wall changes are just some of the situations that’ll need to be considered. Getting this evaluated by your security company prior to the project will ensure your property remains secure throughout, as well as allowing for any necessary additions to be determined and ready to put in place during the works or as soon as they’re finished.
  • Access control: This is especially important as you’ll want to be sure that contractors and workers only have access to necessary parts of the property. This can be done in many ways, such as with keypad locks or smart locks. If you do need to allow access it can be given and revoked at any time—even via your smart device—plus you know exactly who has entered and when.

The selection of your security firm should be given as much consideration as that of the artisans who carry out the renovations on your home. Fast Guard Service is a globally recognized security company that’s trusted by some of the world’s most influential people and businesses to take care of their security arrangements. 

Their bespoke service includes a comprehensive risk assessment of your home renovation site and the provision of the necessary security arrangements. These include, but aren’t limited to, camera installation and monitoring, alarm systems (both existing and new), access control, and even temporary security guards if deemed necessary. That way you can be sure that all you need to worry about is that the work is carried out according to plan, and leave the security of the site up to the experts.