The Importance Of Having Great Hospital Security Guards

Hospitals provide many different services to the population. The footprint of visitors is varied, and never the same two days in a row. For some people it’s a place of work, for others it’s an alien environment only visited in times of great stress. In some cases, visitors are on an ecstatic high—such as the arrival of a new son, daughter, or grandchild. However, far too often a hospital signifies great sorrow, as a loved one passes away.

The key point is that hospitals are a hotchpotch of human emotions, ranging from wildly happy to broken devastation, and covering every nuance in between. Add in the issue of some visitors being under the influence of alcohol and/or prohibited substances, and the scene provides the perfect scenario for unwanted behaviors to come to the fore.

Hospital Security: A vital element of every hospital’s first line of defense

  •     The role of hospital security guards
  •     All hospital security guards are not made equal

The role of hospital security guards

One of the first things that likely springs to mind regarding the role of hospital security guards is that they prevent trouble. While this is, indeed, a facet of their employment responsibilities, their position as a public-facing official within the establishment is almost more important.

This means that in addition to dealing with any security issues that arise, guards also need to have first-class interpersonal skills. The ability to communicate with all levels of society is what makes the vital difference between being a good hospital security guard, and being a great one! 

All hospital security guards are not made equal 

It takes a special type of person to successfully work security in a hospital environment. Great guards need to possess the following attributes:

      Well presented


      Talented communicators (both verbally and in the use of body language)

      Highly observant

      Pays great attention to detail

      Highly trained and ensures regular updates



Great security guards within a hospital carry out a crucial frontline role dealing with the general public, day and night. The ability to effectively carry this out when people are charged with emotion isn’t something that everyone is blessed with. The right approach to a person who’s angry, scared, or upset can be the difference between the diffusion of a situation, or one that escalates into unwanted behaviors.

Add in the second necessary element to the role—that of vigilance—and it starts to become clear as to quite how important it is for hospitals to select their security guards with care.

Hospital Security: What do guards do?

  •     Patrol, identify, and protect
  •     Prevent theft
  •     Diffuse unruly behavior

Patrol, identify, and protect

Hospital security guards are responsible for patrolling the building and grounds, identifying any areas of concern, and putting measures in place to reduce and rectify issues. They’ll also cover access and egress (either in person or via remote cameras) making sure those on-site have a legitimate reason to be there and removing anyone if necessary.

They’ll be vigilant for acts of violence, potential terrorism, monitor CCTV, respond to incidents, and protect everyone on the premises—including patients, visitors, and staff. Along with all that responsibility, a great hospital security guard will also carry out more mundane tasks, such as giving directions—and they’ll do it with a smile…

Prevent theft

Robbery in hospitals ranges from the theft of petty items through to serious crimes, including stealing prescription medications and even infant abduction. Hospital security is a visible deterrent against all levels of theft and crime, and a vital step to preventing it from occurring in the first place or taking appropriate action if such a transgression is discovered.

Diffuse unruly behavior

Emotionally-charged behavior is a common occurrence in hospitals. Great security guards can diffuse such situations before they escalate. But they can also effectively react when violence does occur. A well trained security guard will protect your staff from upset patients (and enraged family members mostly), and will extinguish fights or disputes between patients.

Hospital Security: The Fast Guard difference…

Fast Guard Service is a globally respected security provider that provides the ultimate in guards for hospital security. Every member of the personnel they provide possesses exceptional skills, is highly trained, fully insured, and takes pride in carrying out their duties on behalf of a world-leading organization.

The importance of the caliber of a person working as in hospital security can’t be overstated, and partnering with Fast Guard for our Hospital Security Services allows medical facilities to rest assured that their security is in great hands.

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