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In any place of work, be it a construction site, office building, manufacturing plant or similar, there are both legal and moral obligations to ensure those who work and visit are adequately protected in the event of a fire.

While automated fire systems are obligatory in most locations, there are some instances when their use might not be possible or provide adequate protection, and the use of trained fire watch guards becomes necessary. In addition, many locations utilize both an alarm system and fire watch guards to ensure the ultimate levels of safety.

Reasons to Hire Fire Watch Guards

Full-time fire watch guards

Any organization or industry that represents an ongoing fire hazard not only needs to have adequate automated fire systems in place but is well advised to take advantage of permanent fire watch guards as well. Depending on the laws of the state this might be a legal requirement.

Some industries, such as manufacturing, often pose a continuing potential fire hazard, especially those that are involved with flammable and/or raw materials. In such cases, full-time fire watch guards provide an additional level of fire safety over that of alarm systems, sprinklers, and other automated services.

Temporary fire watch guards

Circumstances can occur where it might be necessary to hire fire watch guards for a temporary period to ensure fire risks are adequately provided for. Such instances might include:

  •     Construction sites
  •     There are no fire alarms system in place or an existing system becomes inoperable for any reason
  •     A water system has been temporarily shut off for repair or maintenance
  •     Fire safety systems are temporarily out of service (such as sprinklers and pumps)
  •     A fire alarm system has failed its regular inspection
  •     There’s a temporarily increased risk due to reasons such as chemical storage, toxic waste, or flammable material on-site.

What to Expect From Fire Watch Guards

  •     What the role entails

What the role entails

Fire watch guards are highly trained individuals whose responsibility is to not only react should a fire break out, but to proactively ensure that the risk of this occurring is reduced to its absolute minimum.

The role of such a professional will include activities such as:

  •     Making sure all local and regional requirements are conformed to regarding any hazardous materials, waste, etc.
  •     On-going checks of all fire safety equipment
  •     Carrying out regular patrols and documenting in an official log
  •     Ensuring all fire exits, walkways, access and egress, etc. are kept clear
  •     Identifying any fire safety concerns, reporting them, and ensuing adequate steps are taken to remove the hazard promptly
  •     Facilitating robust communication and evacuation procedures
  •     Raising the alarm and ensuring evacuation procedures should a fire occur

Who Should Hire Fire Watch Guards

  •     Industries that benefit from hiring fire watch guards

Industries that benefit from hiring fire watch guards

Many industries use the services of fire watch guards. These include but aren’t limited to:

  •     Office buildings
  •     The construction industry
  •     Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  •     Schools and educational facilities
  •     Manufacturing and industrial units
  •     Shopping malls and retail establishments
  •     Warehouses
  •     Pharmaceutical facilities
  •     Exhibition and concert venues

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