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Shane James is currently suspected of perpetrating a string of violent crimes across San Antonio and Austin – including shooting and killing both of his parents near Kirby, according to Bexar County Sheriff’s Office reports. Additionally, there have been reports of James assaulting campus police officers, as well as other incidents that have left a community fearful and uncertain. On Tuesday morning, authorities were alerted of two murders at Shane James’ parents’ home near Kirby and initiated an investigation, with initial suspicions falling on Shane himself as a suspect.

Austin Police soon connected Shane James with an attack on a campus police officer later that same morning, raising alarm among law enforcement and prompting further inquiries into whether he may be involved with other crimes. As the day wore on, violence escalated further. Just after noon, two more bodies were discovered at an Austin home on Austin’s South Side. This closeness between events intensified fears that an individual may be responsible for multiple violent incidents in Austin.

Later that afternoon, about five miles away from the second crime scene, another man was randomly shot while riding his bicycle, further increasing tension within the community. Two miles away were, two additional people shot and killed – prompting law enforcement officials to speculate that one individual may be behind these brutal attacks. Law enforcement agencies joined forces in an attempt to put an end to Shane James’ violent spree and arrest him on Friday evening. Details surrounding his capture and the charges he faces will likely become known during their investigation.

Authorities remain baffled as they investigate these heinous crimes, leaving the community shaken and searching for answers. Residents should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities while they piece together what led up to this violence spree. Stay informed on Shane James’ capture and investigation by visiting for updates. We extend our condolences to the families affected by these senseless acts of violence while encouraging all in the community to support each other during this challenging period.

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