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Student Events Create Challenges for Campus Security

This is an amazingly vibrant time of year at universities and colleges around the country – football games, concerts, parties – many of which take place outdoors and include very large groups of people. Although these events are typical on and near campuses, they pose an ever-increasing challenge for campus security in our current environment where gunfire incidents seem all too common.

Many campuses are spread over multiple city blocks, with students and staff dispersed throughout the community in residence halls, sorority and fraternity houses, academic buildings and administrative offices; in addition to the businesses that support campus life like bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.  In today’s world, that means campus police are responsible for more than just the safety of the campus-proper, but also the community near campus where their students and staff live, work, and play.

In addition to managing the day-to-day campus security threats, Security Directors must now take a broader view and approach to ensuring that their campuses are secure and prepared for larger threats that could come their way.

We know that in any shooting situation, every minute matters and lives depend on fast action.  ShotSpotter’s SecureCampus is a technology solution designed specifically to help campus police protect their greater on-and-off campus community.  Our platform offers acoustic gunshot detection to provide critical information concerning gunfire within seconds to police.  SecureCampus functions much like a fire alarm system for gunshots, alerting police nearly immediately while identifying the precise location of the shooting.  This information can prove invaluable by helping law enforcement respond quickly and accurately.

It is not uncommon for SecureCampus to alert the police so quickly and accurately that they almost instantly arrive at the scene in time to help shooting victims receive life-saving medical attention.  In fact, on a number of instances, the police arrived so quickly, witnesses and even suspects were still in the area, which ultimately led to arrests.  Read our SecureCampus case study at a West Coast world-class university here.

With the many threats we face in today’s world, we still want people to know that it is a great time to enjoy all that our universities have to offer. The good news is that with some pre-planning and the right technology, schools can greatly enhance their campus security and put the focus back on those special events, not on the security risks they pose. Learn more about how SecureCampus can help your school or university at

November 21, 2017
By: Damaune Journey, VP of Security Solutions, ShotSpotter

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