Fast Guard

In the billion-dollar film industry, privacy is an all-consuming necessity. Movie sets, especially those of high profile productions such as Marvel films, Netflix blockbusters, and those that’ll eventually spill the beans on Luke’s seduction to the dark side are privy to many industry secrets.

The obsession with spoilers is only one reason that security on a film set is becoming not simply commonplace, but virtually essential to ensure the smooth running of the procedure and adherence to those all-important time schedules.

  1. Security Of Assets

The kit used on even the most low-budget of productions represents a significant amount of money. In many cases, it’s not possible to pack everything up and store it away overnight, so the provision of security to keep everything from cameras to props safe and sound ensures no hold-ups or expensive replacements should something go missing.

  1. Safety Of The Cast And Production Unit

A-listers and famous names are naturally concerned about their privacy. However, everyone’s safety on location is a priority, and the confidence brought about by having dedicated security guards to prevent unauthorized access is essential.

  1. Prevention Of Unscheduled Interruptions

Unsolicited set visits often hold up filming. Every moment spent sorting these out add extra dollars to the total production costs. Even the largest of budgets has to account for every cent, making the cost of a premier security team a small price to pay for the high expenditure represented by such delays.

  1. Provide An Inner Sanctum

Location trailers, green rooms, and any breakout areas need to be a place of relaxation for those who use them. On-set security will provide multi-skilled personnel to ensure they remain the haven they’re intended to be.

No Spoilers Here

Leaks and spoilers are something any successful production has to take into account. The culture surrounding the prevention of such secrets being divulged to an ever-eager fan base has led to the introduction of various clandestine methods, such as digital scripts that only function during filming and “drone killers” that can disable unauthorized devices being flown over a film set.

Despite all of these, the biggest asset any movie location can benefit from is that of boots-on-the-ground security. But it’s not just Hollywood blockbusters: short indie productions, commercials, music videos, still shoots—the ability to work in a safe, undisturbed environment allows for a seamless working atmosphere, protect people and equipment, and important plot twists and secrets to be kept under wraps. 

Set security needs differ in every situation, and include (but aren’t limited to)

  • Access control
  • Artist protection
  • Closed set security
  • Perimeter security
  • Search, patrol, firearms, explosive K9s
  • Close protection

The key to the ultimate in film set security is to work with professionals who understand the industry. Each production has it’s own individual needs—from single day scenarios to sets that span months or even years of shooting. Fast Guard Service is a world-leading security agency that provides a discreet, professional service that addresses the individual needs of production and location staff. From preventing plot secrets hitting the public domain to ensuring the star of the show is safe and secured by our executive security agents, in today’s world of leaks and spoilers the right choice of set security plays a leading role in the whole production process.