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Special events take a tremendous amount of effort to organize and coordinate. Forget about throwing the event; forget about organizing an experience that hundreds or thousands will enjoy and remember for years to come, that is certainly enough work in and of its self. Forget about ticket sales and finding seating and organizing refreshments. Forget about promotions and lining up sponsors and advertising. Forget about all of the time and effort that goes into the special event itself.

Just think about the regulations and safety precautions that you must organize just so you can have a safe event, so the attendees have the things they need like fire safety and so that all the local regulations and red tape that surround special events is accounted for. There are fire codes and attendance rules and special needs like handicap accessible seating. There needs to be emergency officials on site, maybe even an ambulance depending on the size of your event.

Oh, and then there’s security too. A special event organizer can’t forget about security, not in this day and age. No group of people gathered together is safe anymore, but especially masses of people gathered to enjoy a special event. They are, sadly, an attractive and large target for terrorists and sick individuals who simply want to hurt as many people as they can.

Special events require skilled, experienced security guards and armed security guards that know how to handle crowd control, how to spot potential threats in large crowds, and how to diffuse any threat they might see before it becomes an issue. Special event security guards must possess unique skills that can safely protect large crowds, yet keep them from getting out of control. These gatherings require security guards that can separate the talent or the focus of the special event from the crowd.

Special event security is paramount to the safety of any crowd gathered for:

  • Concerts
  • Political rallies
  • Parades
  • Sporting events
  • Pageants
  • Festivals
  • Seminars
  • Guest lectures
  • Conventions
  • Car shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Comicons and other gatherings
  • Religious gatherings

If you are helping to organize any special event in Southern Florida, the greater Miami area, or anywhere in the nation, contact Fast Guard Service today. Fast Guard Service’s event security Miami force is skilled, experienced and constantly trained on all modern special event security techniques. They provide the protection and the expert armed security guards that can keep any special event safe, anywhere.

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