School is considered a second home, and parents rely on the schools to provide a safe and healthy environment for their kids. But what happens when schools that are supposed to be a haven for children become a battlefield for children?

What happens when the children at school are exposed to a threat and there’s no security guard present to ensure the safety of children?

What exactly happened and what do the authorities have to say about it?

We are about to address the tragic incident at Michigan’s oxford high school on 30 November 2021. The heart-wrenching incident, which happened due to lack of campus security, began with gunshots and an urgent announcement made on the loudspeaker, followed by screams of the students.

Approximately 15-20 shots were fired and People present on campus made more than one hundred calls to 911.

Soon after hearing the announcement and the sound of gunshots, the teachers and students barricaded the classrooms for their safety and covered the windows with whiteboards. The risk for the students and teachers was very high as no security guards were present who could protect them.

The terrified students followed the protocols and sat quietly in a corner after barricading the classroom and turning the lights off. In one classroom, the students who were scared to death held scissors and calculators in their hands, so they had something to defend themselves if the shooter broke in.

The impact of the incident and understanding the importance of campus security

Three students aged fourteen and seventeen years studying at Michigan Oxford High School were shot dead, and eight others were wounded. The state of two of the injured is critical. One of the injured included a teacher who was later on discharged from the hospital.

If a well-staffed security company had been appointed at the campus site, they could have controlled the whole situation tactfully and stopped the shooter. It is an excellent approach to improve the security and emergency preparation of your school. Especially with the increased risk of school shootings, the need for having professional security services on campus has become more significant than ever.

The awful mishap at Michigan Oxford High School is one of the deadliest of all school attacks. Besides the dead and the injured, other students present at the scene were also scarred for life. Our hearts still ache for the victims and the survivors because such incidents significantly impact the minds and the tragic memory always seems to stick around.

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Fast Guard Service Agency at School Campus:

Campus Security ServicesIncidents like these make us realize the importance of well-trained security guards present at schools and high schools. A professional team of security guards provides a sense of safety and security to all the school members.

It’s essential to know and understand the security needs of your campus before hiring campus security.

After evaluating the security needs, choose appropriate measures, such as cameras, gates, security staff, visitor management systems with identification, and so on, to reduce the identified dangers. Develop, discuss, and implement safety procedures and policies.

While hiring security guard service for your campus, always choose a professional to ensure security isn’t compromised. It is also essential that the guard service you hire has a state license or a guard card.

To sum up, Fast Guard is a Professional Security Guard Service that plays a vital role in acknowledging security needs and smoothly implementing the required safety measures. The company offers a wide range of security protocol services nationwide, including guard protection for middle school, high school and college campuses. A trustworthy service that puts an end to your security fears.

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