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Assisted living centers not only have regular security monitoring challenges but also some rather specific requirements due to the nature of their residents’ needs. From those with medical conditions to the demands of those with frailty, dementia, and other vulnerabilities, such living facilities must cover all eventualities. This not only applies to those they house but also to guard against the element of society that might consider such a location an easy target.

The following discusses some of the additional aspects such a facility needs to assess.

Increased Safety And Peace Of Mind

While everyone deserves to feel secure in their home environment, seniors and those with medical conditions have extra needs, being as they probably don’t feel as able-bodied as they were in the past. In addition, many of the residents might be living on their own for the first time in many years, due to the death of a spouse or complex care needs that require full-time attention.

Such issues can lead to increased feelings of anxiety. The knowledge that a robust security system is in place can go a long way to alleviate such fears.


Assisted living complexes often house those who have been diagnosed with one of the many forms of dementia. One issue with these debilitating diseases is the penchant to roam, and then get lost. Secure or semi-secured entrances and exits can go a long way to preventing unnecessary worries, both for those at risk of leaving the facility, as well as those who’re responsible for their care.

This can be appropriated by simple constraints, such as keypads on doors or even security guards, depending on the level required by the individual facility.

Resident Security In A Public Space

Assisted living centers often have public spaces, including gardens, lounges, and dining rooms. Should a resident fall,  or become unwell, it can be extremely beneficial for others to know they have easy access to help, and won’t be left to deal with a situation beyond their control.

Pull cords, phone systems, CCTV, or on-site staff can all be supplied by an experienced security service, meaning residents not only have the comfort that they can get aid if necessary, but that their own needs will also be looked after should a situation occur.

These are just some of the reasons why assisted living centers need to take advantage of professional security. When seeking out a provider it’s essential to know that they’re experienced in the needs of such a facility, have round-the-clock support, and are appropriately licensed and insured.

Fast Guard Service is one of the country’s leading security firms, and understands the unique requirements of assisted living complexes, nursing homes, and medical facilities. When selecting such a resource it’s essential to know that the provider fully comprehends and adjusts for bespoke individual needs through a full, industry-specific, risk assessment. Only by confirming this can owners, managers, staff, and residents take full advantage, resting easy that a robust service is in place and benefit from the peace of mind that this brings for all involved.