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If you live in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach and your interested in a job that’s secure and helps to keep people and their property safe, it’s more than worth your time to look into our security guard training course. Getting class D security license training is only one of the options that you can look at when you choose an exciting career that starts by getting the proper security guard license.

Because any company you work for will want to have a team of successful applicants that can look after their clients and understand how to stay safe themselves at the same time, there is a process involved if you’re looking to become a security guard.

Licensing requirements

One of the more common programs is class d security license training and like most other licenses that you will apply for, there is a minimum age requirement of 18 years. It doesn’t matter which kind of security guard license you’re interested in, you can start the process off by looking at the different requirements, which usually vary by state. There are different licenses that allow you to work as an unarmed security guard or carry a weapon and some of the topics that are covered are things like public relations and courtroom procedures. There are other requirements for the course you take including drug screening and a criminal background check.

Other requirements

You’ll also need to have a high school diploma and be an American citizen or legally able to work here. Becoming a security guard and obtaining the right license also means supplying an employment and personal background check. It stands to reason that you’ll only be allowed to get a security guard license after you’ve proven to be a good citizen. Reliable transportation is usually another one of the prerequisites.

Understanding the work

Maybe you first got the idea to take a security guard training course because you saw someone who looked like they were enjoying the job and decided to apply, but of course, there’s more to it than that and you need to give it careful consideration. Finding out a little bit about what the work entails will help you make a good decision about a career in this field. There’s more to it than you might imagine. You might be assigned to patrol on foot or by car and in the course of assigned duties in protecting a bank or a private business, home or person, you might do everything from checking a gate to monitoring camera images and/or deterring a crisis situation. You could also be called on to get statements from witnesses and testify in court. There are a wide variety of possibilities in various locations as a security guard.

Getting a security guard license in Miami FL, is the first step in a rewarding and interesting career where you can work in a variety of different industries and on residential and commercial properties. You can wind up working in the medical field or disaster relief events or even as a fire watch specialist.

Finally, you should consider the fact there are a variety of different options for employment once you get through a security guard training course. You can work in permanent or temporary positions and many companies have full-time or part-time hours to choose from. A job as a security guard in Miami FL is a rewarding career.